The Battle of Chile

Tomorrow, Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman will be in attendance as The Battle of Chile will be screening in the Billy Wilder Theatre located at the Hammer Museum near the UCLA campus. This is an amazing documentary that is broken into 3 parts. It documents Salvador Allende’s last year as President of Chile and takes the viewer straight into the coup that was orchestrated by the C.I.A. and leads to the death of Salvador Allende.

I am going tomorrow evening as well as Saturday night.  Parts 1&2 will be shown on Friday evening and Saturday night, Parts 3 along with Chile-Obstinate Memory will be shown. For those who are not familiar with Salvador Allende or what happened on September 11, 1973, should definately check out this documentary. And for those who are familiar, tomorrow is an opportunity to see Patricio Guzman and thank the man for making this documentary for the world to see.

Looking forward to meeting Patricio Guzman tomorrow and seeing the Battle of Chile.

For those who want further information, check out these links.

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