Fans are robbed as Manny Pacquiao wins a unanimous decision


Chris Cozzone

Manny Pacquiao dominated Shane Mosley in what was supposed to be a fight of the year candidate. Instead it became the candidate for the most boring fight of the year. The fight was supposed to be an explosive fight given that Pacquaio and Mosley are aggressive fighters. The fans bought the hype and that is why the fight was sold out. Boxing fans also wanted to see history. Some wanted Pacquiao to be the first boxer to knock out Mosley. Others wanted Mosley to upset Pacquaio in what would have been a huge upset. Instead boxing fans robbed and got a lopsided one man show as Mosley appeared to not listen to his corner and execute his game plan.

I must admit that I thought this fight was fixed. I’m not saying that to take away anything from Manny but when you have a right handed boxer not even using his right hooks or right jabs for most of the fight, then it becomes suspicious. One starts to think about how deep the Boxing Mafia is. Mosley didn’t do this against Mayweather. Against Mayweather, he was throwing punches and Mayweather is just as quick as Pacquiao. There were times that Mosley could have landed couple of punches but he failed to throw them.

Fans were sold on the idea that this was going to be a war and it became like a cease fire. There were no big highlights in the fight. The only highlight was the 3rd round when Pacquiao scored a knocked down on Mosley. This was not a fight at all. It was not even a sparring session. Manny’s sparring partners did more damage to Pacquiao then Mosley did. It was worse than a sparring session. The fight was so bad that people started booing throughout the fight. If fight fans are booing then something is wrong. Pacquaio did everything he could do. At least people know that when Pacquaio fights, he comes to fight. There is no doubt about that. I give Manny credit for that.

Manny Pacquiao did not look sharp in this fight. He needs to work on his defense. He leaves himself open for counter punches. Maybe that is why Juan Manuel Marquez has been the only guy whom he has struggle with. Speaking of Marquez, if Pacquiao fails to land Mayweather in the fall, then the most logical opponent appears to be Juan Manuel Marquez. I would love to see the trilogy between Pacquaio vs Marquez. If so, I hope they will come to an agreement on the weight and make the fight at a 144 limit. I see this fight happening on November 12, 2011. Now that would be a great fight.

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