Bob Marley, 30 years after and still inspiring people

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley. 30 years have gone by but he is still present in the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Bob Marley continues inspiring people from all walks of life. I like to remember Bob Marley’s spirit, message and his contributions towards building a better world. His music is vitamins to our soul. His message of peace, love and equality is poetry to our troubled world. He was one of the greatest ambassadors for humanity. He demonstrated the power of music and how music can become a tool for social change. His music has become a universal language. His lyrics have been a source of inspiration and a source of therapy for people throughout the world. May we continue to be inspired by his music and his overall message of peace, unity and love. Each one, teach one. ONE LOVE. Here are some of my favorite Bob Marley songs. They are in no particular order.


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