LAPD kills innocent civilian in downtown L.A.

The Los Angeles Police Department is at again. On Tuesday, May 10th, in downtown Los Angeles, an undercover cop shot and killed an unarmed resident on the corner of 5th and Spring St. At first, it was reported that the man had a knife and was trying to harm the undercover cop then it was changed that the man was shot during an attempted robbery. Several people who witness the incident spoke to members of L.A. CAN (Community Action Network) and informed them that the man was unarmed and they had not seen him attemp to rob a store. The LAPD has failed to interview those eyewitness who have a different perspective than what is being written in the mainstream media. If the man did not posed any threat to the undercover cop then why was he killed.

The LAPD should be held accountable for killing innocent people. In L.A. we know that is not the case. There are so many examples where instead of police officers being found guilty for their actions, they stay on the job. Protect and Serve, my ass!!!

 The residents of Downtown L.A. need answers from Tuesday’s shooting. What was the motive for killing an unarmed civilian? The community won’t accept the undercover cop from being placed on administrative leave “while the LAPD do their investigation.” The community won’t allow the police to do their “investigation” only to come back and realize that the officer had every right to “defend” himself. The community wants transparency and wants to know why an undercover cop killed an unarmed man.
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2 Responses to “LAPD kills innocent civilian in downtown L.A.”

  1. Justice Seeker Says:

    A new shrine was just put up on Spring & 5th in #DTLA where last Mon. man was shot 2x by cop, handcuffed, & bled to death.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Bro for the pics. Hope we get justice on this case.

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