Kobe Bryant forms foundation to fight homelessness in L.A.

Earlier this week, Kobe Bryant visited My Friend’s Place, a drop in center for homeless youth in the Hollywood area. After hearing the stories from the youth, he talked about his new foundation, focusing on attacking the issue of homelessness. As a Laker fan and a homeless rights activist, I am happy that he is deciding to focus on an issue that is close to my heart. We can end homelessness in L.A. and in our country if we really invest in this issue and address it as a human right issue. Every person has the right to housing. We need to stop building shelters and start building more permanent housing. We start ending homelessness the minute we start treating homeless people with respect and dignity….I hope other athletes and celebrities will join in the struggle to eradicate homelessness. It is all of our duty to do our part to end homelessness. To read more about Kobe’s visit to My Friend’s Place, here is an article that I have attached. Enjoy it.
Here is Kobe during the press conference. I like to give Kobe props for how he carried himself during the press conference. Glad to see him focus on the issue. I love Kobe’s answer to a reporter regarding the hiring of Mike Brown. Check out 2:50 of the video. Great answer. 

To learn more about his foundation go to www.kvbff.org

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