2pac: The masses, the hungry people, they outweigh the rich..

Yesterday was 2pac’s birthday. He would have been 40 years old. In reflecting on his life, I am including some of his interviews where one gets to see the real 2pac. He breaks it down in some of these interviews. 2pac in my opinion was a social justice activist who used his music to get his message across. He was a revolutionary who was also the greatest hip hop artist of all time. In my opinion, it was only a matter of time until 2pac started laying the groundwork for people to open their eyes and realize that we are getting screwed by the democrats and republicans. He would have advocated for a new political party that was of the people, by the people, for the people. A political party along the lines of the Black Panthers. I think he would have named it something different. Maybe, he would have called it The People’s Party.

For us to continue to keep 2pac’s message alive we have to keep planting seeds in people’s minds, continue talking about social problems affecting our communities, the social injustice that surrounds us and the factors that continue to oppress the poor and working class people. We have to realize that democrats and the republicans are the same shit. They are not going to speak about the issues affecting our people. They are going to keep using our people to buy themselves into power. One of these days in the near future, our generation has to put pressure to end this 2 party dictatorship. We are going to have to push for another political party from the masses that speaks to issues affecting our communities. That will only happen through a grassroots movement. The elements are there. The movement is within reach. We just have to tap into that common denominator for us to truly spark that movement. I believe that spark is quickly approaching.

Here is 2pac in his own words.
2pac brings the house down in this speech to the members of the Malcom X Grassroots Movement.
“I guarantee I will spark the brain that will change the world.”
“Instead of me fulfilling my prophecy, I have to start one.”
“There’s no way that these people should own planes and people have no houses.”
“The masses, the hungry people, they outweigh the rich…As long as I appeal to the hungry
and the poverty stricken people, it’s all good.”
2pac keeping it real
2pac schooling the interviewer

Here are my favorite 10 2pac songs in no particular songs.

2pac Amaru Shakur…PRESENTE

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