Saul “Canelo” Alvarez knocks out Rhodes to retain belt

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez scored an impressive win on Saturday night as the ref stopped the fight in the 12th round to give Canelo a well deserved knock out victory. I expected the fight to be more competitive but Canelo dominated every round. Rhodes would later go on to say that he underestimated his power and the body shots that Canelo landed ended affecting him.

Canelo looked sharp. He was landing beautiful combinations, his uppercuts were well placed and he seemed to be relaxed in the whole fight. He could have easily fought 15 rounds. Canelo’s defense looked much better but it was hard to tell how much did he improved given that Rhodes was never a threat to him.

Now that he beat Rhodes, I think people will start to give him the recognition that he deserves. I hope his promoters won’t let him duck any fighters. It is not good for the sport of Boxing when fighters are not fighting their mandatory fighters or duck certain fighters to land the big fight. That is wrong with boxing nowadays, that the business has taken over and it has damaged the sport of Boxing. It is not fair for the fighters who have earned their right to fight for a belt to be pushed aside so that champions can fight other fighters.

Having said that, I would love for Canelo to fight Alfredo Angulo. I know that is wishful thinking. Since Angulo can’t fight in the U.S., that fight would be a huge fight in Mexico but boxing fans would love to see that one and HBO can go ahead and televised it. But, I am almost certain that we will see Canelo fight Vanes Martirosyan on September 17th in the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz.

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