My thoughts on the Dodgers Bankruptcy

On Monday, Frank McCourt aka McGreedy file for bankruptcy. As a die hard Dodger fan, I have mixed emotions. For one, I am happy that by filing for bankruptcy it may lead to MLB seizing the team and forcing McCourt to step down as the owner and paving the way for a new ownership. In that case, the Dodgers may be lucky and get an owner who is interested in investing in the team and making it a championship caliber team. On another note, in baseball terms, this is a suicide squeeze play gone terribly bad. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that the Dodgers belong in a bankruptcy court. I also never envisioned going to Dodger Stadium and seeing the stadium empty. I’ve gone couple of times, and going to Dodger Stadium is like going to watch a Triple A baseball game. The attendance is that bad. Hope this gives a reminder to McGreedy that he shouldn’t [mess] with the Dodgers franchise and its fans. Frank has really screw this franchise up. As a fan, he has taken the spirit of the game. I also hope that with the Dodgers filing for bankruptcy, it will pave for us, Dodger fans, to step up and put pressure on MLB and strengthened the movement for the Dodgers to become publicly owned. I think its time for Dodger fans to take a page from the Green Bay Packers and demonstrate that a publicly own team is the championship model of the 21st century. No longer must Dodger fans or any fans of major sports be put in a situation where there beloved team goes through such a nightmare. By having the Dodgers follow in the footsteps of the Green Bay Packers, fans will be starting a movement that will force owners to think twice in how they run the operations of their beloved team. If Dodger fans would boycott a series at Dodger stadium to protest the way the business operations are being handle it will be a huge uprising for all major sport fans….I won’t dedicate this blog to building a sports fan revolution but more to express my disbelief that my beloved Dodgers have gotten this bad. I can’t believe McGreedy in 7 years has taken the Dodgers through this path. I really hope he stops being such a egomaniac and sells the team. Its in the best interest of everyone involved.

here is info abou the details of the Dodgers bankruptcy filing.

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