Honorable Judge, Philip S. Gutierrez orders LAPD to stop taking property from homeless people

Last week, homeless activists and homeless people got a major victory when the Honorable Judge, Philip S. Gutierrez issued an order to stop LAPD from taking property belonging to homeless people.

One of the most painful things that one can experience from being homeless is having all your possessions being destroyed by law enforcement officials. The LAPD has been ruthless in taking the few belongings that homeless people have and destroying it. No one will ever be able to replace the only photo of their loved ones or the degree that they worked so hard to achieve. Not only that but imagine if all your important documents along with some priceless photos, clothes and everything else was just destroyed and taken away from you. How would you react if you were put in that situation?

To read more about on this major victory, please read the link below.

This is what Judge Gutierrez had to say about the Preliminary Injuction ruling (the Highlights have been added by L.A. CAN)

To stay updated on the great work that L.A. CAN is doing follow them at http://cangress.wordpress.com

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