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HBO Face Off between Floyd Mayweather, Jr and Victor Ortiz

July 31, 2011
I can’t wait for this fight. Mayweather is so calm and tempts Ortiz with his “tell me what you are going to do on Sept.17?” I give props to Ortiz for using Face Off and putting Max Kellerman on blast. This was a great dialogue between these two fighters. Check out the video and enjoy the Mayweather, Jr vs Ortiz Face Off.

We need more players like Hiroki Kuroda

July 31, 2011

Today, Hiroki Kuroda informed the Dodgers that he would exercise his no trade clause in his contract and remain a Dodger for the remainder of the season. I respect Kuroda. Players like him in this age of time are rare. Rather than going and playing for a contender he does the unthinkable and remains loyal to the Dodgers. It was a very unselfish decision of his. He could have gone and play for a contender maybe pitched in the world series. But, he decided to wing it for the whole year. I would assume that he put his family needs instead of his, given that his family has settled in to Lost Angels. We need more players of his caliber. Kuroda’s 6-13 record is deceiving. He could have been at least 15-4 if the Dodgers would have provided him with run support. Anyways, thank you kuroda for reminding us that its not all about the glory and sometimes our values are more important.

Brother John dies after feeding the homeless

July 29, 2011
I hope the Oakland Police catch the people responsible for the death of Parris Powell, known to many as Brother John. He was ONLY 29 years old. A whole life ahead of him. I hope his wife and youngest daughter who were also shot have a speed recovery. Here is information taken from ABC 7 in San Francisco:

The man dedicated to providing meals for those in need in Oakland, has died of a gunshot wound to the head. Brother John was gunned down early Wednesday morning. His wife and one of his young daughters were also shot in what police are calling a senseless crime. Brother John died at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Oakland. Police still have no motive or suspects.

At the place where the man known as “Brother John” handed out his last meal to the homeless, there is a simple memorial left behind by those with little else to give. A homeless man sat on the sidewalk and reflected in front of a carefully placed pair of shoes that held up a few colorful roses and some satin material. Even on the rough streets of East Oakland, this shooting does not make sense. A man who was just trying to do the right thing is dead.

On Thursday, the last man Brother John helped before he died is left wondering if it was all worth it. A homeless man named Bill said, “What comes to mind at this point in time right now is just how weird this world is becoming. Life isn’t worth nothing no more. It’s nothing out here. If somebody can just come along and shoot somebody just for the hell of it just because they want to, that’s not right.”  

Out here, where he delivered food during what he called “midnight outreach” with his wife and two young daughters, he is simply Brother John. His real name is Parris Powell and he was just 29 years old.

But late Wednesday night, Brother John was taken off life support at Highland Hospital and pronounced dead, less than 24 hours after he was shot in the head while serving fish dinners from the back of his van.

“I was the last person he brought food to. I was the last person he fed. I was the last person he talked to. I’m the last one on everything,” said Bill.

Brother John’s pregnant wife was grazed by a bullet. One of his daughters was shot in the arm. Investigators still do not have a motive for a crime that has left the police chief and mayor outraged.

“Most of the time, murders are related to drugs, to domestic violence, or to gangs, this one is not explainable at all,” said Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

“I want to give a message though. And the message I want to give is the Oakland Police Department is coming,” said Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts.

Police say there are witnesses and that they have come forward and are helping with this investigation, but so far authorities have yet to provide a suspect or vehicle description. The witness ABC7 spoke to says he saw the shooter was driving a late-model turquoise Ford Aerostar van.

There is not a lot coming out about Brother John’s background. We do know that he is an Oakland resident and has been working in the area of East Oakland for almost a year now where he was shot, serving the homeless in that community. Besides delivering meals, he ran a very small non-profit based in Oakland called the Rise Above Foundation and that organization works with the homeless and female victims of domestic violence.

We also found out that Brother John’s wife is pregnant and that they have two daughters together.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Police Department’s homicide section at (510) 238-3744 or email

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ABC7 Poll


Homeless man beaten to death by Fullerton Police

July 29, 2011
Fullerton police brawl
Fullerton Police tased and beat Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic homeless man, to death earlier this month. He was beaten on July 5th and died 5 days later. His father, a retired Orange County Chief, stated that his son was probably without medication and most likely did not understood the police orders. He went on to tell a reporter from the OC Register that his son, “was brutally beaten to death.”

The officers involved should be fired and be charged with the murder of Mr. Thomas. The pigs are not trained to deal with individuals who have mental health issues. What pains me is that after being tased and beaten, Kelly is heard in the you tube video yelling for his dad and the pigs still keep beating up. No one is above the law. These officers involved should do life in jail.

Here are some graphic photos on Kelly Thomas.

Remembering Chief Albert Luthuli

July 21, 2011

Today is the 44th death anniversary of Albert Luthuli. He died as he was crossing some railroad tracks and got struck by a train and died. Chief Albert Luthuli was the first South African to win a Nobel Peace Price for his nonviolent anti-apartheid activism in 1960. He was a very respected and charismatic leader within the ANC. I admired him for the amazing man that he was.

Here is a link to read a biography on Chief Albert Luthuli
Here is a link of several of Luthuli’s famous speeches. Check them out. You will definately be inspired.

Here are some of Chief Albert Luthuli’s quotes. Enjoy.

“In Africa , as our contribution to peace, we are resolved to end such evils as oppression, white supremacy and racial discrimination, all of which are incompatible with world peace and security.”

“But now the revolutionary strings of our continent are setting the past aside. Our people everywhere, from north to south of the continent are reclaiming their land, their right to participate in government, their dignity as men, their nationhood. Thus in the turmoil of revolution, the basis for peace and brotherhood in Africa being restored by the resurrection of national sovereignty and independence, of equality and the dignity of man.”

“The world is now a neighbourhood, although unfortunately, people are not sufficiently neighbourly. We suffer at the present time from an over stress nationalism. Each such ultra-nationalist group seeks domination over others. I would like to see a South Africa that takes a serious interest in establishing peace and friendship in the world and not merely paying lip service to these important needs of man.”  

“Humanity longs for the time when the great Powers of the world will become great at heart and curb their ambitions, and pave the way for the settling of their differences in a statesman-like manner and so remove the threat of war.”

“no true peace and progress can be secured in any country as long as there are others in that country denied full democratic rights and duties.”


“As for myself, with a full sense of responsibility and a clear conviction, I decided to remain in the struggle for extending democratic rights and responsibilities to all sections of the South African community. I have embraced the non-violent Passive Resistance technique in fighting for freedom because I am convinced it is the only non-revolutionary, legitimate and humane way that could be used by people denied, as we are, effective constitutional means to further aspirations.”

 “We must fight on in all fronts along the path of non-violence and when, at times, the human weakness of despondency assails us, let us gain courage and inspiration, not only in the justice of our cause, but in its universality in all ages. We should be stirred to greater effort by the knowledge that it is our undeserved honour and privilege to be numbered among the followers of the heroes of freedom of all lands and ages: men and women who have so meritoriously championed the cause of freedom.”

 “Non-violent resistance in any provocative situation is our best instrument. Our strongest weapon is to acquaint our people and the world with the facts of our situation. No doubt we shall be accused of inciting the people and labelled as agitators and communists. We should never be deterred from our path of duty to our people and our country by these accusations. We should rest content in the conviction that we are here performing a divine duty when we struggle for freedom.”  

“Africa likes to enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom and would like to day itself with those forces of peace and freedom and so, does not like to be made a war zone in any war that warmongers may plunge the world in.”

 “We can assure the world that it is our intention to keep on the non-violent plane. We would earnestly request the powers that be to make it possible for us to keep our people in this mood.”


“Laws and conditions that tend to debase human personality – a God-given force – be they brought about by the State or other individuals, must be relentlessly opposed in the spirit of defiance shown by St. Peter when he said to the rulers of his day. “Shall we obey God or Man?”

“Let us set our spirit and conscience attune with the spirit of Divine Discontent that is within us and together with freedom-loving people elsewhere serve faithfully the cause of Freedom in the world in general, and in South Africa in particular, and so help our beloved South Africa to March honourably with the rest of the democratic world to the final liberation of all mankind.”

“It may well be that South Africa ‘s social system is a monument to racialism and race oppression, but its people are living testimony to the unconquerable spirit of mankind. Down the years, against, seemingly overwhelming odds, they have sought the goals of fuller life and liberty, striving with incredible determination and fortitude for the right to live as men – free men.”

“A regime that flouts world opinion cannot last. Nor will such a regime endure, when many of it’s own citizens are resolute and pledged to work for that end even at the cost of limitless sacrifice. For we are steeled by oppression and the daily sight of human values being ground underfoot only makes us cherish even more those values.”


“The germ of freedom is in every individual, in anyone who is a human being. In fact the history of mankind is the history of man struggling and striving for freedom, indeed the very apex of human achievement is FREEDOM and not slavery.”

“Friends, let us make no mistake, the road to freedom is always full of difficulties. Before we reach the summit of freedom, many will have fallen by the wayside as a result of enemy action, and others as through personal despondency may abandon the fight. But I call upon you as the true son of South Africa to be true to Africa , and count no sacrifice too great for her redemption.”

‘Let us march together to freedom saying: The road to freedom may be long and thorny but because our cause is just, the glorious end – Freedom – is ours”.

“Our interest in freedom is not confined to ourselves only. We are interested in the liberation of the oppressed in the whole of Africa and in the world as a whole.”

“Those of us who are in the freedom struggle in this country have really only one gospel. We may possibly shade it in different ways, but it is a gospel of democracy and freedom.”

 Source: (Accessed 8 March 2004)


This last song is called Nongqongqo and is performed by the late Miriam Makeba. It is the name of a prison in South Africa. I am including this song not only because I love it but because it makes reference of Albert Luthuli.
Here are the lyrics to the song. Thanks to my friend Akhona for the translation.


Bahleli bonke etilongweni, (they are together/they are sitting together in prison) 
Bahleli bonke kwa Nongqongqo  (they are sitting together at Nongqongqo)
Hi, hi, hi, ( ‘hi’, which in English would be pronounced or sounds like hee, is just a sound to mimick the idea of crying or pain. It’s like onomatopeia)

halala (‘halala’ is an exclamation of, usually, joy. I think in this context it’s just to exclaim the cry) 

Nanku X 2 (here he is)

Nanku uSobukhwe (here is Sobukwe)

Nanku, nanku etilongweni (here he is in prison)


 hi bawo Luthuli (‘bawo’, in Xhosa, means father/sir, and the equivalent in Zulu is ‘baba’; Luthuli was the president of the African National Congress and the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize recipient)

hayi uzotheni, uzotheni (‘hayi’ means no; ‘uzotheni’ is a word I’m not familiar with, but it sounds ambiguous and may mean ‘why do you deserve this?’ or ‘what have you done wrong?’/ ‘what is your sin?’) 


Nanko X2  (there he is) 

Nanko uMandela (there is Mandela)

nanko, nanko etilongweni (there he is, there he is in prison)

Nanko X2  (there he is)

Nanko uSisulu (there is Sisulu)

nanko, nanko etilongweni (there he is, there he is in prison)

yini wema-Afrika? (‘yini’ means what is it; ma-Afrika means people of Africa; “what is it Africans?” is used as a rhetorical question implying ‘what’s wrong with us Africans?’)

hayi uzotheni? uzotheni? (no, what have you done wrong, what have you done wrong?)

Bahleli bonke etilongweni, (they are together/they are sitting together in prison) 

Bahleli bonke kwa Nongqongqo  (they are sitting together at Nongqongqo)

Chief Albert Luthuli….PRESENTE!!!

Happy Birthday Frantz Fanon

July 21, 2011
Today is Frantz Fanon Birthday. He would have been 86 years old today. I want to pay tribute to this man by providing people with some of his famous quotes, his influence on national liberation struggles and finally leave you all with a documentary of him. Enjoy the documentary.

Here is a link of Frantz Fanon famous quotes. Enjoy
Fanon and his influence on anti-colonial and national liberation struggles
Long Live Frantz Fanon!!

Francisco “Pancho” Villa, PRESENTE!!!

July 21, 2011
Un dia como hoy nuestro General Pancho Villa fue assesinado. En vez de hablar de Pancho Villa, quiero brindarle un homenaje con estas canciones. Disfrutenlas. Hombres como Pancho Villa nunca mueren sino se mantienen presente en nuestras memorias. Hombres como Pancho Villa me hacen sentirme orgulloso de ser Mexicano. Hay que seguir luchando por un nuevo Mexico, un Mexico desde abajo y ala izquierda.


Remembering the Sandinista Revolution

July 20, 2011
Today we remember the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution. I respect the Sandinistas of the past but the present FSLN run by Daniel Ortega has really messed up the values of the true Sandinistas. Daniel Ortega is an opportunist who has angered and bothered some of the hardcore Sandinista members. Many are still upset over the pact that he made with the PLC. I am including couple articles that demonstrates how the Sandinistas or better yet the Orteguistas of the present does not represent the true values fo the Sandinistas. Check them out. I will leave it at that.

This post is to honor the Sandinista Revolution. Here is a great documentary. Enjoy it.
Adelante marchemos compañeros
avancemos a la revolucion
nuestro pueblo es el dueño de su historia
arquitecto de su liberacion.

Combatientes del Frente Sandinista
adelante que es nuestro el porvenir
rojinegra bandera nos cobija
Patria libre vencer o morir!

Los hijos de Sandino
ni se venden ni se rinden
luchamos contra el yankee
enemigo de la humanidad.

Adelante marchemos compañeros
avancemos a la revolucion
nuestro pueblo es el dueño de su historia
arquitecto de su liberacion.

Hoy el amanecer dejo de ser una tentacion
mañana algun dia sugira un nuevo sol
que habra de iluminar toda la tierra
que nos legaron los martires y heroes
con caudalosos rios de leche y miel.

Adelante marchemos compañeros
avancemos a la revolucion
nuestro pueblo es el dueño de su historia
arquitecto de su liberacion.


Happy Birthday Mandela aka Madiba

July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Madiba! Today is Madiba’s 93rd bday. I am going to include couple of videos about Madiba. His life continues to inspire not only fellow South Africans but continues to be an inspiration to many people who continue to struggle for a better world. Madiba’s life also got me reflecting on the struggle that revolutionaries go through. It seems that in order to start a revolution, the powers that be will try everything in their power to jail the revolutionary. Fred Hampton said it best when he said, “you can jail the revolutionary but you can’t jail the revolution.” We have seen this in the case of Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and many other leaders. The latest revolutionary to be sent to jail is my dear friend, Steve “Dogon” Richardson.

Mandela’s life is not celebrated simply by praising him but through actions. Countries from throughout the world will be sending him greetings for his birthday. I’m sure Mandela would be happy to receive these kinds of wishes: the U.S. troops will pull out from Iraq, Afghanistan and end the drones in Pakistan. Israel will tear down their apartheid type wall and pave the way to end their conflict with the Palestinians by recognizing and respecting the Palestinian position in future peace talks. Countries will actively participate in the eradication of poverty and homelessness in the world. There is no reason why a human being has to go hungry, live on the streets, lack health care, education and the basic human needs. Mandela’s best gift will be when powerful countries start investing more in humanity and start taking an active role in the eradication of poverty and hunger.

Let us celebrate Madiba’s birthday by continuing to engage and using our God given gifts to create this world a better place for everyone. There is no greater joy than using our gifts/talents to help someone achieve their goals. May we remember that everyday we are building bridges to someone’s dream and in doing so, we are carrying Madiba’s message of service, integration, compassion, empathy, and above all…LOVE.

Here is a link on some of Madiba’s famous quotes.
Here is a video marking the inauguration of Nelson Mandela Day
Here are some videos on Madiba. Enjoy them all.

And finally, here are some South African songs that I love. Some of these songs were sung by South Africans when they were living under the apartheid system. Bring Him Back Home served as one of the songs asking for the release of Nelson Mandela. Enjoy these songs:

Japan wins world cup in dramatic fashion

July 18, 2011

Japan women’s soccer team won the world cup in one of the most amazing women’s soccer games in history. This team and the journey that they embarked on needs to be made into a movie. No one would have scripted this ending any better than the way it unfolded. My respects goes to the U.S. women’s soccer team. They played an amazing game. In games like this no one comes out a loser. There is a great future awaiting team USA.
It seems that Japan was destined to win the world cup. With all the events that happened in Japan earlier this year and playing in memory of those victims and trying to lift the spirits of their country, team Japan had one of the most amazing runs in women’s world cup history. The fact that they beat the U.S. team to win the world cup is amazing given that it was their first win against team USA. Japan was 0-22-3 against the U.S. entering the world cup.

I am happy that Japan won the world cup. I think its beautiful that the world cup ended the way it did. I feel that the win in some ways rehabilitates the country after enduring so much loss. I hope someone was able to follow team Japan and documented their experience from the time they left Japan to their participation in the women’s world cup. If someone did, this will be one of the most amazing sports films ever documented. I almost feel that this team falls under the same category as the South African Rugby team that won the Rugby championship to unite all of South Africa. Although, there are obviously differences in how both sports teams united their country and brought them joy but no one can deny the power of sports and the magic behind teams representing their country and playing for something bigger than a championship game. Team Japan to me not only played for hope but they played for resilience, perseverance, and determination. The resilience to overcome any obstacles. The perseverance to keep going even when then it seems impossible and the determination to win the world cup makes Team Japan an inspirational story. Congrats team Japan. Well deserved.

Here are the highlights, the penalty kicks and the celebration. Enjoy.