Brandon Rios knocks out Antillon to retain his WBA lightweight belt

Chris Farina/Top Rank
Chris Farina/Top Rank
Chris Farina/Top Rank
Chris Farina/Top Rank

Yesterday, I went with my friend to watch the Brandon Rios vs Urbano Antillon fight at the Home Depot Center. This fight on paper had fight of the year candidate written all over it. Everyone knew that this fight was going to be a war and that the fight wasn’t going to go 12 rounds. Although, most people didn’t think the fight was going to end that early after Brandon Rios knocked out Urbano Antillon in the 3rd round to keep his WBA lightweight championship belt.

The opening introductions provided a sneak peek as to how the fight was going to go. First they battle to see who had the better ring entrances with Urbano Antillon having a Norte??o band in the ring singing for him and Brandon Rios having a Banda sing, Soy Como Quiero Ser. In my opinion, the battle of ring entrance went to Brandon Rios.

From the opening bell, Rios and Antillon went after each other. Both fighters were landing punches to the head and body. I gave the first round to Rios as his punches were landing more than Antillons’. The 2nd round was same as the first with both exchanging powerful combinations to the body and the head. Rios was landing the more solid punches but Antillon rocked Rios in the final seconds with a hard right. I gave the 2nd round to Rios.

The 3rd round Rios just dominated. His uppercuts were landing on Antillon. Rios then came back and with a right hook sent Antillon to the canvas. Antillon got up and Rios charged him to try to finish him off. Rios was landing punches to the body and head but Antillon was on survival mode. He was countering back and try to land punches of his own. Then Rios knocked Antillon again who landed face first. At this point, it was just a matter of time before the fight ended. Antillon got up and was just trying to survive the round. After being separated from Rios to kill time, Antillon’s legs appeared to buckle to which Rios went storming after him before the ref jumped in between to stop the fight. I thought it was a good stoppage by the ref.

With the win, Brandon Rios makes a successful first defense of his WBA lightweight championship belt and improves his record to 28-0-1, 20 KOs and Antillon falls to 28-3, 20 KOs. All of 3 Antillon’s losses have come on world title fights.

Brandon Rios demonstrated that he is becoming one of boxing’s up and coming stars. He has always been an aggressive fighter but last night he demonstrated beautiful combinations to the body and head, had a great uppercut and showed that he is ready for the big fights. I don’t know who else is out there for him in the 135 lb division. I think if Robert Guerrero wants to come back down to 135 after his fight with Marcos Maidana, that would be a good fight. If Rios can’t secure a good fight at 135, he should move up to 140 and get the fights there. I see more future for him in the 140s than at 135. I would love to see him against, Maidana, Guerrero, Lucas Matthysse, Timothy Bradley, Amir Khan, Zab Judah or even Humberto Soto given that they were supposed to fight at 135 but Soto recently decided to move up in weight. Let’s hope that Rios next fight is with some of the fighters that I just mentioned.

Here is a video I took of Rios first knockdown of Antillon. My cell phone battery was low so I couldn’t record the full 3rd round. 

Here is the full 3rd round for people to see.

Here are some pics I took of the fight.


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