Japan wins world cup in dramatic fashion

Japan women’s soccer team won the world cup in one of the most amazing women’s soccer games in history. This team and the journey that they embarked on needs to be made into a movie. No one would have scripted this ending any better than the way it unfolded. My respects goes to the U.S. women’s soccer team. They played an amazing game. In games like this no one comes out a loser. There is a great future awaiting team USA.
It seems that Japan was destined to win the world cup. With all the events that happened in Japan earlier this year and playing in memory of those victims and trying to lift the spirits of their country, team Japan had one of the most amazing runs in women’s world cup history. The fact that they beat the U.S. team to win the world cup is amazing given that it was their first win against team USA. Japan was 0-22-3 against the U.S. entering the world cup.

I am happy that Japan won the world cup. I think its beautiful that the world cup ended the way it did. I feel that the win in some ways rehabilitates the country after enduring so much loss. I hope someone was able to follow team Japan and documented their experience from the time they left Japan to their participation in the women’s world cup. If someone did, this will be one of the most amazing sports films ever documented. I almost feel that this team falls under the same category as the South African Rugby team that won the Rugby championship to unite all of South Africa. Although, there are obviously differences in how both sports teams united their country and brought them joy but no one can deny the power of sports and the magic behind teams representing their country and playing for something bigger than a championship game. Team Japan to me not only played for hope but they played for resilience, perseverance, and determination. The resilience to overcome any obstacles. The perseverance to keep going even when then it seems impossible and the determination to win the world cup makes Team Japan an inspirational story. Congrats team Japan. Well deserved.

Here are the highlights, the penalty kicks and the celebration. Enjoy.

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