Steve “Dogon” Richardson becomes the latest political prisoner

Last Thurday, I got the sad news that my dear friend, General Dogon, will have to have to serve 120 days in jail and two years of summary probation over the incident that occured on May 21, 2010 in the L.A. City Hall Council Chambers. The City Attorney demanded that Dogon be given 9 years in jail, at least 3 years of probation and requested a “stay away order” from L.A. City Hall. The judge after listening to the lies of the City Attorney and listening to Dogon’s attorney, decided to serve him a fewer sentence. As far as the “stay away order”, the judge would not consider granting it because he believes that a stay away order from the L.A. City Hall may violate Dogon’s 1st Amendment. Although, I am deeply saddened that Dogon is going to jail, his sentence is in a way a victory over the City of Lost Angels given that they tried to encarcerate Dogon for 9 years.

The fact that Steve “Dogon” Richardson is going to jail reminds us that in L.A. the city attorney has wage a war against social justice activist. Anyone who is speaking on behalf on human and civil rights are now targets. Let it be known that Steve Richardson is going to jail as a political prisoner. This is the work of a racist criminal justice system. A system that continues to stand on the side of INJUSTICE rather than JUSTICE. 

General Dogon will be surrendering himself to in court on Friday, July 22nd at 8:30am to begin his sentencing. Dogon is another of countless people of color who continue to be falsely imprison every single day. The struggle for affordable housing continues. His time in jail will provide us with the fuel to continue struggling for the most marginalize of our citizens. Dogon’s spirit will be with us as we continue to fight for affordable housing in Los Angeles. I leave you with this quote by Fred Hampton, “you can jail the Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.” 

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