Homeless man beaten to death by Fullerton Police

Fullerton police brawl
Fullerton Police tased and beat Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic homeless man, to death earlier this month. He was beaten on July 5th and died 5 days later. His father, a retired Orange County Chief, stated that his son was probably without medication and most likely did not understood the police orders. He went on to tell a reporter from the OC Register that his son, “was brutally beaten to death.”

The officers involved should be fired and be charged with the murder of Mr. Thomas. The pigs are not trained to deal with individuals who have mental health issues. What pains me is that after being tased and beaten, Kelly is heard in the you tube video yelling for his dad and the pigs still keep beating up. No one is above the law. These officers involved should do life in jail.

Here are some graphic photos on Kelly Thomas.

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