Dewey Bozella recipient of 2011 Arthur Ashe Award

This is one of the most inspirational stories that I have come across. It is also a story that continues to live on in thousands of prisons throughout the country and its the story of innocent people of color being locked up simply because of their color of their skin. Thanks to Boxing and The Innocent Project that Dewey is a free man. Our (IN)JUSTICE system has not learn from its wicked past. There have been thousands of inmates falsely imprisoned, some have been able to come out while others are still doing time. Some cases are well known than others. We have seen it in the cases of Rubin Hurricane Carter, Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jammal, the case of Oscar Grant, where the BART officer is now release from jail and more recently Steve “Dogon” Richardson.

Dewey is an amazing individual. His story almost made me cried. I admire him for the person that he is. I’m glad that he is the 2011 Arthur Ashe recipient. It was given to the perfect candidate.  I leave you with these two videos. Enjoy.
A very moving speech by Bozella.

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