Homeless World Cup 2011: Transforming Lives, One GOAL at a time

Yesterday, was the opening day of the 9th Homeless World Cup, which is being played in Paris, France. I was blessed to attend the 2010 Homeless World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I took tons of pics. I will be including some of the pics sometime this week.

As I think about the Homeless World Cup, I started reflecting on how sports has been a vehicle for social change. We have seen it with South African prisoners struggling for the right to play Soccer in Robben Island and forming the Makana Football Association, which would form the blue print for a New South Africa  or Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrie line. We have seen Sports play a vital role in various social movements.

One of the beautiful things about Sports is that it brings people together from various walks of life and for one common purpose and that’s to have fun, whether a team wins or loses.To me that is exactly the goal of using soccer to bring awareness to the homeless issue. It’s to see the person as a human being; with respect and dignity.   

 Soccer invites our society to see homelessness with eyes of compassion. It allows us to call people by their names and not by titles such as; wino, alcoholic, crazy, lazy, bum. Soccer brings dignity back into people’s lives. I have always felt that sports, music and the arts are vehicles to bring the catalyst that our world so desperately needs in trying to address one of the world’s social problems. Let us continue seeing with the eyes of compassion, listen with the ears of understanding, so that our hearts will continue to beat to the sounds of justice, freedom and equality while our spirits dance to tune of THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN.

In the meantime, to follow up this years’ Homeless World Cup go to www.homelessworldcup.org.

Transforming Lives, one GOAL at a time.

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