More pics from the Homeless World Cup and video of Mexico vs Scotland 2011 Homeless World Cup Final

With yesterday being the last day of the 2011 Homeles World Cup, I found myself having nostalgic memories from last years’ homeless world cup, where I had the chance to experience the amazing atmosphere that one is surrounded by for a whole week. I have included more pics from last year’s homeless world cup in Rio de Janeiro.

To see pictures from this years’ homeless world cup click on the link below:

To see the Homeless World Cup Final between Mexico and Scotland click on the link below:

Here is the Women’s World Cup Final between Mexico and Kenya.

Congratulations to Scotland and Kenya for being the champions at this year’s Homeless World Cup. Also, congratulations for Team Mexico for reaching the the men’s and women’s final. Next year the Homeless World Cup will be held in Mexico City. I’m sure that Team Mexico are going to be prepared to try to win their first Homeless World Cup in their own soil.

At the Homeless World Cup everyone comes out a winner. This annual event has demonstrated that Soccer can not only bring awareness to the plight of homelessness in our world but it is also an event where people can take life long lessons from people who are on the margins of society.

A ball can indeed change the world. May we continue to do our part to end homelessness in our communities.


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