Free Troy Davis by Mumia Abu Jammal

Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed today at 7pm unless some last minute miracle to save his life. The state of Georgia will be sending a terrible message if they end up executing an innocent man. In the name of Justice may we continue having hope that the voices of all those who believe in Justice will be heard to help save an innocent man’s life.

Here is Mumia Abul Jammal speaking on the case of Troy Davis.

Here are two articles worth reading.

2 Responses to “Free Troy Davis by Mumia Abu Jammal”

  1. Sofia Says:

    It is sad but it is a clear representation of where we stand as a nation. This is the image that we have on the U.S. GOV CHANNEL-the one we pay with our tax dollars, our working schedule, our sabotaged dreams. We look at injustice, the same one MLK saw, the same one that foreigners see when they the the shock of being subjected to hatred and racism, the same injustice we see in the streets with homelessness, unemployment and indifference passing by… Troy Davis, was a U.S. citizen, a imprisioned male, a men who was sentenced to death by the very same country who is representing us in the UN, in the embassies around the world, in the U.S. military bases across the Americas. It will not be in the White House where things will change…we all know that…It will not be in the congressrooms where we will be heard…and in this reality, we cannot flip our own Channel.-we are forced to watch these kinds of atrocious acts take place before our eyes. But, we are protagonist in our society and we must change our roles..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sofia,Thanks for you comment. You are right. We are protagonist in our society. We know that Change won’t come from the top, especially not in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa. History has shown us that when the people are united, they will never be defeated…Troy Davis should have never been executed and the fact that Obama didn’t bother to use his powers to stop it really goes to show that he is just a puppet of this evil empire…MLK said it best when he said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…May we continue to live our lives for the greater good of Humanity.

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