Troy Davis is executed…F—K Georgia state officials

Troy Davis was executed in Georgia. I am so pissed right now! We need to abolish the death penalty. Not even freakin Obama had the guts to use his powers to stop the execution. Heck, I would have love had he even tried but he was too busy trying to please his Jewish lobbyist and preventing the Palestinians from seeking membership to the United Nations.

Georgia officials are Racist Bastards. They never had the intention of granting Troy Davis a fair trial. When all the world was looking at them to make the right decision, they let their prejudice take over and killed an innocent man. How can we as a country talk about peace and justice when we allow this type of shit to happen? We talk about Peace and we bomb nations! We talk about Justice and we execute innocent people!

May Troy’s death not be in vain and may we work twice as hard to abolish the death penalty.

Hear is an article about Troy’s last words to the prison officials who were given the difficult task of killing him.
U.S. executions by the numbers


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