It’s time for Palestine to become newest member of the United Nations

US threatens veto as Palestine UN campaign starts

Today the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas handed a one page letter to formally ask the United Nations to recognize Palestine as the 194th  member of the General Assembly. This is a very important day in the history of Palestine. After trying to negotiate with Israel, the Palestinians took their cause to the United Nations, the same organization that recognized Israel an independent state in 1948. If Israel can be granted a state why can’t Palestine?

We  know that the U.S. will veto Palestine’s plan for Statehood but it was Obama who mentioned last year that he would like to see the United Nations welcoming Palestine as the newest member. It is absurd that the “Quarter” which is composed of the U.S., Russia, European Union and the United Nations asked Israel and Palestine to come back to the table when there is no representative from the Arab world, African Union or Latin America. The “quartet” does not represent the world, they only represent their interest in the middle east. Palestine should not be forced to abide by any talks that does not benefit the Palestinian people. The world stands behind the Palestinian cause and the United Nations should use their powers without any interference from other countries. It’s time for Palestine to become the 194th member of the General Assembly.


Here is Abbas’ speech at the UN

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