Kershaw wins his 21st game to make his case for the NL Cy Young Award

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw earn his 21st win as the Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 6-2 on Sunday. With the win, he ties Ian Kennedy of the Diamondbacks for the league lead in wins. Kershaw can pretty much wrap up the pitching triple crown as he leads the league in E.R.A. with a 2.28 and Strikeouts with 248.

There is no doubt in my mind that Clayton Kershaw should be this year’s recipient of the NL Cy Young Award. The previous pitchers who have taken the triple crown have all won the Cy Young Award. I hope the 32 Baseball writers who will vote for the NL Cy Young, will look at the numbers that Kershaw put up this season and cast their vote on the pitchers’ performance rather than focus on where his team finish in the standings.

Thank you Kershaw for giving us an amazing season despite the distractions that the team had off the field. As a Doyer fan, I am happy for the season that he had. If it wasn’t for Kershaw and Kemp, the Dodgers would have been in last place. I only hope that Kemp will finish the season on a tear and hit his 40th homerun. With the season that Kemp is having this season, he deserves to take the hitters’ version of the triple crown. Let’s hope the Baseball God’s feel the same way.

Here are great articles to read about Kershaw’s performance.

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