Catching Hell, documentary on Steve Bartman

This is a must see documentary for any baseball fan. Catching Hell is based on Steve Bartman, the die hard Cubs fan who reached for a foul ball on Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. It was his instincts as a fan to reach for a foul ball that made his life a living hell afterwards. I won’t give the whole documentary away, but I will say this: Steve, any baseball fan would have reach to catch the foul ball. It wasn’t Steve’s fault that the Cubs blew the series. The Cubs still had a chance to clinch the series in Game 7 and they choke.

As a true baseball fan, seeing this documentary almost made me cry. You have to sympathize for Steve Bartman. It is very emotional to think of the living hell that he has lived with. If I’m Steve, I would not grant any interviews to the media. It is the media that really blew this out of proportion and created the painful experience that Steve has had to endure.

One another thing, I also enjoyed that this documentary also interviewed Bill Buckner and brought the painful experience of the 1986 incident to a closure. When Buckner is speaking to the media at Fenway Park, I also shed a tear when he gets emotional to forgive the media. I don’t think there is a baseball fan out there who will not get emotional when they see Bill Buckner walking to the mound at Fenway Park to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

For those who were not able to see the documentary last night on ESPN, here it is. Enjoy.

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