Homelessness needs to become one of the central issues for the Occupy movement

In a future blog, I will express my thoughts on making the connection between the homeless and occupy movement. I will say this. The Occupy movement has spark the consciousness of the masses and brought people together to protest the top 1%. But, in order for the Occupy movement to become successful it should continue to strengthen the connections that various social movements are making. I would like to see 98% bring attention to the bottom 1% to truly be the 99%. By focusing on the bottom 1% living conditions and bringing their issues to the forefront, the Occupy movement would be moving forward in their quest for world revolution. Therefore, it is important that the homeless issue be one of the central issues for the Occupy movement. We cannot have a revolution with people still sleeping on the streets without access to the basic human needs.

Barbara Ehrenreich, wrote this great article on why Homelessness is becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue.

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