Lamont Peterson goes from once being homeless to world champion by defeating Amir Khan

Lamont Peterson has stunned the boxing world by scoring one of this year’s biggest upsets. In a very close and exciting fight, Lamont Peterson scored a split decision victory to upset Amir Khan and become the new WBA/IBF Junior Welterweight Champion. The judges scored the fight 113-112-Peterson, 114-111-Khan, and 113-112-Peterson.

In the first half of this fight, Amir Khan appeared to have control of the fight. He scored a first round knockdown. Khan was the most effective boxer but Lamont’s body shots were doing some damage. Lamont’s biggest rounds were the 3rd and 4th round where he was the boxer-brawler.

In the 7th round, the referee took a point away from Khan at the end of the round for pushing. The ref had given Khan a warning but in my opinion it was a questionable decision as it provided Peterson to come out with a 10-8 round.

Rounds 8-12 were back and forth with both boxers staying true to their reputation. Amir Khan threw quick 3-4 combinations, moved around and then outboxed Peterson in some of those late rounds. Peterson on the other hand, kept on pressing Khan and landing some vicious body shots. It was Peterson’s performance in the last two rounds that prove to be the difference in a very close fight. The final round will be a round that will be disputed in the boxing community as the ref had the courage to deduct another point away from Khan for pushing Peterson. Lamont took advantage of that and won the round. It was the two points that Khan was deducted that made the difference in the fight. With the win, Peterson improves his record to 30-1-1 while Khan drops to 26-2.

Lamont Peterson, who once was a homeless youth in Washington DC and raised his younger brother, Anthony, has gone from once being homeless to becoming a unified world champion. His story is one of inspiration, motivation, dedication, faith, perseverance and resilience. It was Peterson’s trainer who was instrumental in getting him off the streets and into the boxing gym. Congratulations to Lamont Peterson for a very close and exciting fight.

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