Chuck D of Public Enemy Headlines Free Street Music Festival In Skid Row

chuck d shepard faiery
Image: Shepard Fairey

This coming Sunday, January 15th Chuck D of Public Enemy will headline a free street music festival, which is being called Operation Skid Row Music Festival/Occupy Skid Row Music Festival. This will not be your typical free “concert” so to speak. It is a street festival that will feature music, poetry and speakers sending out a clear message about the issues impacting Skid Row. Some of the artist schedule to perform are Mellow Man Ace, OG Kid Frost, Kurupt, Nipsy Hustle, Real McCoy, Arise Roots, and some local Skid Row artist.

The show plans to start around 1:30pm. People attending should be mindful that absolutely no alcohol and drugs will be allowed. It is an all ages event. There will be free food and various organizations providing information on the work they are doing to improving our communities. Be mindful that the area where the festival is going to be held at is where hundreds of homeless people have been harrassed by the police, where they break bread and where they sleep. People should have a great time but also come out with the urge to get involve in helping our brothers and sisters in the street. I just want to remind people that homeless does not mean jobless and jobless does not mean homeless.

I am including these songs to take people back to memory lane.

Public Enemy
Arise Roots
Real McCoy
Mellow Man Ace
Kid Frost

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