My thoughts on the Hugh Masekela show at the Royce Hall

Last night, I went to see Hugh Masekela at the Royce Hall located on the UCLA campus. Masekela is one of the most famous South African musicians. He is a social activist who uses music to promote world peace. He sings about the struggles that South Africans and people in the world go through. His music played an instrumental role in the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Hugh Masekela put on an amazing performance last night. I had never seen a 72 year old dance the way Masekela did. There were times that it appeared he was doing the tootsie roll. The crowd would laugh when he would dance and go as low as he could. He received a thunderous applause from the audience. When he performed Lady by Fela Kuti, he was on point when he was making his several Lady impressions.

He did a great job explaining the song, Coal Train/Stimela and Khawuleza by Miriam Makeba. Hugh Masekela at times was more of a comedian than a musician. He would start cracking jokes in between his songs. It was great to see his sense of humor.

Below are some pics that I took last night. I am including videos of some of my favorite songs along with songs that he performed last night. The video where he is performing Coal Train, most of the same stuff he says to the New York crowd he said last night.


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