Street Soccer Tournament To Send L.A. Team To New York


On March 3rd, Street Soccer L.A. is hosting a 5 v 5 street soccer tournament with the proceeds of the event going to send the men and women to New York to compete in the annual Street Soccer USA Cup. This will be our first year that we will be sending a women’s team to the Street Soccer USA Cup. If people are interested in playing, please contact Johny Figueroa to get further information. For those who are unable to attend the tournament but are interested in donating any amount of money, please get in touch with Johny and work out something with him. We appreciate your support and thank you for assisting us in our fundraising efforts.

2 Responses to “Street Soccer Tournament To Send L.A. Team To New York”

  1. Eduardo Says:

    hi, I just want to know about all the tournaments you guys are having this year 2012. thank you for your time

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Eduardo! The Street Soccer Tournament on March 3rd was a huge success. We are still brainstorming as to when we will have the next one. We should be having our next one sometime in May. Thank you for your consideration.

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