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Recordando a Chico Che

March 30, 2012
Hoy recuerdo al gran Chico Che con esta rola. Tabasco es un “pueblo feliz” por haber sido tierra natal de uno de los mas grandes artistas de Mexico. Chico Che siempre estara grabado en la cultura Mexicana como uno de los mas grandes idolos que Mexico ha producido a nivel mundial. Su musica y sus overoles son conocido por todo latinoamerica.
Aqui les dejo esta rola.
Pueblo Feliz
Aqui esta el link de lo que escribi de Chico Che en el 2011. En este link incluye mis mejores canciones de Chico Che. Espero que disfruten las canciones.

L.A. March for Trayvon Martin Part 4

March 27, 2012

L.A. March For Trayvon Martin Part 3

March 27, 2012

This video was taken when then March was passing the L.A. Times building on Broadway in Downtown L.A.

L.A. Million Hoodie March For Trayvon Martin Part2

March 27, 2012

This is a video of the March approaching and moving through Broadway in Downtown L.A. towards City Hall.

L.A. March For Trayvon Martin

March 27, 2012

I took this video minutes after the March left Pershing Square.

Erik Morales vs Manny Pacquiao I, March 19, 2005

March 20, 2012
7 years ago today, Erik Morales fought Manny Pacquiao in their first fight. Morales gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson for 12 rounds as he ended winning a unanimous decision. This is one of the greatest fights in Morales career. Here is the whole fight for those who want to see it again. Enjoy!

Maya Jupiter and Aloe Blacc Performing Rico at Homegirl Cafe

March 20, 2012

This past Friday night, Fabian Debora and Jose Ramirez had their art exhibit grand opening at the Homegirl Cafe. For those in L.A. feel free to check out their amazing artwork when going to eat at the Homegirl Cafe.
The grand opening was accompany by the beautiful music of Quetzal, Aloe Blacc and Maya Jupiter.
Here is one of my favorite songs by Maya. Rico is one of those songs that is beautifully written and well put together. Aloe and Maya have an amazing chemistry when performing this song. In the background people can see the beautiful art by Jose Ramirez. Enjoy this great song.

Fabian Debora’s Art Exhibit on March 16th at Homegirl Cafe

March 16, 2012
My coworker, Fabian Debora along with Jose Ramirez will be holding their art exhibit grand opening tomorrow at Homegirl Cafe from 6-9pm. Joining them will be Quetzal as they entertain the crowd with their great music. For those in the Los Angeles area, please stop by Homegirl Cafe to check out this amazing art exhibit. All of us at Homeboy are proud of Fabian’s amazing work and are looking forward to tomorrow’s grand opening.
Here is a video promoting tomorrow’s event and Fabian speaking on his responsibility as an artist.

Christian Alvarado, a 26 year old blind man will run the L.A. Marathon this weekend

March 14, 2012
Christian Alvardo is a 26 year old blind man who will be running his 11th Marathon this coming weekend. His story is one of perseverance and courage. A true inspiration. Baxter Holmes did a great job writing this great article. Here is the article. Enjoy.

ESPN Los Angeles Inspired by March Madness Reaches Out To Fans To Find Out Who is the Most Beloved Sports Figure in L.A.

March 14, 2012

ESPN Los Angeles came up with a brilliant idea to put a March Madness type bracket to ask Angelenos and fans in general who is the most beloved sports figure in the City of L.A. The bracket is quite impressive. It is is very entertaining but very challenging at the same time. Who would you choose between Vin Scully and Jackie Robinson? What about Kobe Bryant against John Wooden or Vin Scully against Chick Hearn if you have them meeting up in the semi finals. Fill out your bracket and share your thoughts on who do you think should be the most beloved sports figure in our city. Is it Magic Johnson? Kobe Bryant? What about Vin Scully or the great Chick Hearn? Here is the link. Enjoy filling out your bracket.