Remembering the 8th anniversary of President Aristide kidnap by U.S. Marines

Today marks the 8th anniversary when the U.S. Marines kidnapped President Jean Bertrand Aristide, blind folded him and sent him to the Central Africa Republic. It was another coup that was orchestrated by the U.S. in the Western Hemisphere. It was Aristide 2nd coup d’ etat. The United States tried to wash their hands by having the United Nations take over and provide “peacekeeping forces.” The country has not been stable since Aristide was force out of power. Last year, was the first time that he was allowed to be back in his native country.

Aristide, continues to inspire and mobilize his Lavalas supporters. The Haitian people in Aristide were able to see a former Salesian priest who took his vocation to help the poorest of the poor all the way to the Presidency. His liberation theology background resonated with a lot of Haitians. Aristide did everything he could to help his fellow Brothers and Sisters get out of poverty and provide them with resources that would meet their most basic human needs.

I hope the U.S. will recognize the role they play in kidnapping a democratically elected President and stop interfering in the affairs of other countries, especially Haiti. More importantly, The U.N. should leave Haiti. They are seen as an occupying force not a peace keeping force. We have to let Haitians make decisions for themselves and stop having puppet elections and electing puppet presidents. The only President that Haitians recognize is President Aristide. Maybe Haiti needs to have a referendum later this year and include Aristide name on the ballot and have righteous elections.
Given Aristide huge support, I will not be surprise if the opposition with assistance from Washington start coming up with bogus charges to try to silence him. The opposition may come up with corruption, drug trafficking and other bogus charges but Haitian people are not dumb. They know how the game is played. I can also be assure that if the opposition tries to do any harm against Aristide and its supporters, they will be sparking a potential civil war if not one of the largest social uprisings that Haiti has not seen in years.
I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by President Aristide:
“American Imperialism has supported the Haitian government. Elections aren’t the answer, elections are a way for those in power to control people. The solution is revolution, first in the spirit of the Gospel; Jesus could not accept people going hungry. It is a conflict between classes, rich and poor. My role is to preach and organize. They can kill a thousand people but they can’t kill everybody. Only with a conversion of the heart will come a change in social structure. The important thing is not to stay quiet, to use active non-violence.”

VIV ARISTIDE GOUVÈNEMAN (Long Live the Aristide Government)
ABA OKIPASYON (Down with the Occupation)

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