L.A. CAN’s April Fool’s Costume Parade


Tomorrow, L.A. CAN and its members are organizing Los Angeles’ First April Fool’s Costume Parade. Under the theme: We Wont’ Get Fooled Again!: Fighting For Our Right To Exist, L.A. CAN members and their supporters will be dressed up as one of the “fools” responsible for the criminalization of homelessness in our community.

Tomorrow’s direct action is in conjunction with 14 others that will be happening throughout the United States as part of a National Day of Action for the Right to Exist, organized by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), which L.A. CAN is a proud member. One of the goals from tomorrow’s direct action is to let the general public be informed about the harsh treatment that homeless and poor people go through and to start putting pressure on public officials to invest in affordable housing.

For those in Los Angeles, stop by tomorrow at the LA CAN office to participate in the parade that will run through key sites in Skid Row. It will be a beautiful family event filled with street theatre and pinatas. Tomorrow’s parade is going to be historic and entertaining; those in L.A wouldn’t want to miss it!

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