Reflection As I Get Ready To Shave My Hair

In 10 days from now on May 5th, I will have completed a journey that began a little over 6 years ago. It was sometime in April of 2006 that I made a commitment to let my hair grow and donate it to those suffering from cancer. It will be the first time that I am donating my hair. It was a personal decision that I made. The beginning years were the most difficult since I looked like a porcupine 🙂 I knew that once I got through the growing pains, everything was going to be alright. As my hair grew and I was able to put it in a ponytail, I saw the fruits of what patience can offer.

My hair is long! When its loose, it is almost to my waist. When I make one braid, it goes towards the lower back and when I make two braids it almost reaches my belly button. I have received many compliments for my hair and I appreciate them. I even had one women mention to me that if I were to sell my hair, I could easy make at least $600. I said to myself, “DAMN GINA!” LOL.

It is very easy for me to stay attached to my hair and ignore the commitment I made 6 years ago. After all, it is my decision. I am sticking to my commitment because I want to honor my word. It would defeat the whole purpose of why I started the journey in the first place.

I started this journey to be able to stand in solidarity with those suffering from cancer. It has allowed me to continue to see the beauty in simplicity. This has also been a very spiritual experience for me.

Lately, I have been thinking of the things I take for granted: hair, eyesight, hearing, walking, running, etc. I am fortunate that I have hair that I can comb while others don’t. I can shampoo and put conditioner on my hair and many will never have that experience. I am lucky that I can walk and run while there are people in this world whose only wish is to be able to walk and run. These are just some examples of the simple gifts that I have been given and yet have taken for granted for a long time. As I get ready to cut my hair, it is those simple gifts that sustain me. They serve as a reminder of where I stand and where I want to go. It takes me back to my desire to live a simple but fulfilling life. I have always believe that the more I embrace a simple lifestyle the more rewarding and fulfilling my life will be. Cutting my hair is also teaching me to move out of my comfort zone. It is preparing me for the unknown. I have never been bald in my life. It is an experience that I am looking forward too. I have had people tell me to just cut my braids and keep my hair. If I did that, it will not be the same. I feel that if I have come this far, it is only fair to shave my head. True Solidarity and Kinship means to meet the people you are accompanying at their level. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being able to embrace their struggles as your own.

This experience is not about just shaving my head and donating my hair to those who have cancer. It is also about fundraising. I have made a personal goal to raise $300 to find cures for childhood cancers. I humbly ask that you consider helping me meet my goal of $300. Any donation will help. I thank you in advance for your contributions. Please share this link to your contact information. I plan on putting a picture in the upcoming days.

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