Dodger fans say goodbye to Frank McCourt; welcome Magic Johnson and new Dodger owners

Frank McCourt is officially GONE!! This is a day for Dodger fans to celebrate a new era of DODGER BASEBALL!! Today is the beginning day of a honeymoon between the fans and Magic Johnson and Company. So far the new owners have already won a lot of fans over by lowering the parking tickets from $15 to $10. This is a huge step in trying to get fans back in the stadium. I am a little skeptic given that McGreedy still has some ties to the Dodgers at least from a real estate perspective. It hurts to know that Freakin Frank will still be making money off the property around the premises of Dodger Stadium. To be honest, I don’t know how much of the $10 parking fee will go to Frank McGreedy.

The new team to win over Dodger Fans should not do what fuckin McCourt and Fox did. I will share 10 things the new Dodger owners should do to regain Dodger fans trust back. Parking was going to be one but since it was announced there is no need to include it in my list. Here are my 10 in no particular order.

1) Hold a townhall meeting with Dodger fans. I think having couple of townhall meetings throughout Los Angeles where the new owners and the fans can get to know each other questions and engage in a dialogue about the current and future of the team. Having a townhall meeting would be a great way for the fans and the owners to be on the same page.
2) Get rid of the LAPD and strengthen the security team. I am not a big fan of the LAPD being at Dodger Stadium. To maintain the safety of the fans, Dodgers should hire well trained security men and women to patrol the team. Let the cops do their job by patrolling the city and fighting crime in the communities where drugs continue to impact our communities. I want to go to a game and not be harrass by a cop.
3) Allow fans to carry signs, banners and drums to the game. It would be a great gesture to the fans if the owners will allow fans to carry and bring signs, banners and musical instruments to the game. One of the greatest games I have been at Dodger Stadium happen when I went to see Korea vs Japan play the championship game at the 2009 World Baseball Classic. There were drums, thunder sticks and loud noise throughout the game. Korean and Japanese fans know how to watch a baseball game.
4) Sign Clayton Kershaw to a long term contract. This is a given. Make Kershaw sign a long term contract that will have been in Dodger uniform for the rest of his MLB career.
5) Strenghten our farm system. Let us fully put a strong emphasis on our farm system and no trade our best prospects to get the Casey Blakes of the game.
6) Lower the concession stand prices. If Dodger Stadium is going to be an environment for the family to bring their children then it only makes sense for the prices at the concession stands to be lowered so families can enjoy a more productive day with their children.
7) Bring back Ross Porter. I miss listening to Ross Porter call Dodger games.
8) Have a Meet and Greet Vin Scully at every Dodger game. I know this is asking too much but Vin Scully is a living Dodger legend and there are millions of Dodger fans who would love to meet and greet such an amazing person before watching our beloved Dodgers play. Having a meet and greet Vin Scully before every Dodger game would certainly increase our ticket sales by the thousands.
9) Lower the ticket prices. If Top Deck can go back to being $5 or $7 tickets, the attendance at Dodger Stadium will continue to increased. Not only Top Deck but if tickets in general are lowered, the new owners will generate more revenue by having at least 50,000 fans in the stands.
10) Spend Money, Money, Money. If the group was able to spend 2 billion dollars to purchase the team then I hope they are willing to spend the top dollars to bring the best available players in the free agency market.

I am looking forward to see how the new management will run the team. So far so good. I just don’t understand why would someone spend 2 billion dollars yet not be able to get rid of the previous owner. I still have a hard time believing that McCourt is some how affiliated with the Dodgers. He may not owe the team but the property that he owns around Dodger Stadium makes me sick!

In the meantime, I am going to continue enjoying the Dodgers play great baseball and embrace the new team owners. For those who want to read further about this transaction of ownership click on the links below.

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