Remembering Bob Marley

Today is the death anniversary of Bob Marley. His death continues to haunt a lot of his followers. Bob Marley died of cancer but many feel he was a victim of the CIA and his death was somehow orchestrated by CIA agents. Bob Marley was a true revolutionary; a man who used his music as a vehicle for social change. In remembering Bob Marley, I am including one of my favorite albums of all time. As I listen to Redemption Song, I can’t help but to shed tears.

Gone but never forgotten, may Bob Marley’s music and message of peace, love and unity continue to nourish our soul. Enjoy the album.
Album tracklist
01. Is This Love
02. No Woman No Cry
03. Could You Be Loved
04. Three Little Birds
05. Buffalo Soldier
06. Get Up, Stand Up
07. Stir It Up
08. I Shot The Sheriff
09. Waiting In Vain
10. Redemption Song
11. Satisfy My Soul
12. Exodus lyrics
13. Jammin’

2 Responses to “Remembering Bob Marley”

  1. Billy Ramirez Says:

    Very nice song. Thanks for sharing! How did Bob Marley die maybe a big puzzle to many people. But here’s a story of what really happened based on a reliable source. – <a href=""></a&gt;

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Billy, thanks for your comment. Thank you for the link.

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