Did Bob Arum Fix the Fight?

Last night in Las Vegas, the sport of Boxing suffered a knock out when Manny Pacquiao was robbed of his 55th victory. Instead of winning a unanimous decision, Pacquiao lost a split decision to Timothy Bradley, the new WBO Welterweight Champion. While many of us are still in shock over the decision, was this all planned? Did Bob Arum somehow orchestrated Manny Pacquiao to lose the fight so he can make more money in a rematch fight in November? Bob Arum is quoted as saying,  “I’m going to make a lot of money (with the rematch). But who is going to take this sport seriously? Is that why is he is trying to hire an independent investigator to look if there were “outside influences.”

One thing that comes to mind about Bob Arum is that the man is a freakin lawyer. And it sounds to me like he prepares fights just the same way an attorney would prepare his cases. No attorney will pick up a case if he knows he is going to lose. Just the same way that Arum doesn’t select guys where his boxing stars are going to lose.
I know that Timothy Bradley created a rematch poster leading up to last night’s fight and at the time I thought it was a creative way to play psychological games on Manny Pacquiao. Now it makes me think if this was all part of the set up.
Here is my conspiracy on why Bob Arum fix the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley fight. Bob had couple options for Pacquiao’s next opponent. The clear favorite should the Mayweather fight not be made was Juan Manuel Marquez. But that choice was taken out of the list when Juan Manuel Marquez refused to fight in July against Brandon Rios. By refusing to fight Rios at Cowboy Stadium in July, Marquez single handedly force Arum to lose millions of dollars in that fight. I don’t blame Marquez for refusing to fight Rios who in April won a controversial fight against late replacement Richard Abril. In that fight, Rios was clearly outboxed by Abril who just like Pacquiao was robbed by the judges. Rios had to win so there was no way that Abril was going to stop Arum from staging a Rios vs Marquez fight. But, Marquez seeing Rios struggle to make weight and not being discipline enough provided the knock out punch that Abril couldn’t give to Arum.
With Marquez forcing Arum to lose millions of dollars, Arum blacklisted Marquez and took him off the list to fight Pacquiao. Arum now turns to Miguel Cotto to see if he can try to convince Cotto to drop in weight to fight Pacquaio in a rematch. Now, this is the same Arum who force Miguel Cotto, the WBO Champion , in 2009 to come down to 145 so Manny Pacquiao can challenge him for his belt. How many times does one promoter forces his fighter who is a champion to kill himself in weight by agreeing to 145 just so that challenger can have an edge to win the belt? Never has a champion has drop down to the demands of a challenger. Yet, that is what happen in 2009 when Arum promoted the Cotto vs Pacquiao fight. Miguel Cotto knowing how that fight affected him most likely stood his ground this time and told Arum if Pacquiao wanted to fight him it was going to be at 154lbs.

With Marquez and Cotto out of the picture, a Pacquiao win over Bradley would have put Arum in a difficult situation. He would not have had any solid boxers within Top Rank to challenge Pacquiao in November. A Pacquiao win would have force Arum to look outside of Top Rank to try to find Pacquiao’s next foe. I personally feel that if this was the case and assuming Victor Ortiz beats Josesito Lopez, a Victor Ortiz vs Manny Pacquiao fight for Pacquiao’s WBO belt would have been a great fight. But, we all know the beef that Golden Boy has against Top Rank and as much as boxing fans would have like to see Pacquiao challenge another young lion in Ortiz, Arum was not going to take those chances.

Not having Marquez and Cotto “available” the next plan was to somehow find a way for Bradley to win so that Pacquiao can exercise his rematch clause and fight him in November. What better way to sell the fight in November than by creating controversy? And that is exactly what happen last night. With the world shock and still in disbelief, a rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley would build momentum and according to Bob make him earn a lot of money.

What do people think? Did Bob Arum fix the fight to make millions of dollars in November? Or are we all not giving Timothy Bradley the credit that he deserves and he beat Pacquiao by landing more body shots and according to some of the judges, outboxing Manny.

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2 Responses to “Did Bob Arum Fix the Fight?”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Bradley vs Pacquiao 2 was fixed ! Paying for fixed fights is done for me.

  2. victorjara42 Says:

    Thanks Thomas for your thoughts. I won’t be surprised if we see a Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 fight when the Mayweather and Marquez fight can’t be made.

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