Randall Bailey Knocks Out Mike Jones To Win Vacant IBF Welterweight Title

Randall Bailey knocked out Mike Jones in the 11th round last night in Las Vegas to capture the vacant IBF Welterweight Title in dramatic fashion. In a fight that was not only boring for 10 rounds but was frustrating to see Bailey not throw any punches, those feelings were erased when Bailey landed one straight right hand punch that knocked down Mike Jones. It was the first time that Mike Jones had been knocked down in his pro or amateur career. As the 11th round began, I thought that Bailey was going to take advantage of the 10th round knock down and be more agressive but he went back to his old ways and kept absorbing Jones punches without throwing any punches back. That change when Bailey out of no where caught Mike Jones with a clear uppercut that knocked out Jones. The moment it landed on Jones, the fight was over. He was not going to get up after that vicious uppercut. With the win, Bailey improves his record to 43-7, 37KOs while Mike Jones falls to 26-1, 19 KOs

This is why I love Boxing because you never know when the fight is over. Last night fight between Jones and Bailey brought me flashbacks of the Breidis Prescott vs Mike Alvarado fight. Prescott was cruising and had the fight practically won but Alvarado caught Prescott  with some devasting blows to knock him down. Mike Alvarado ended up knocking out Prescott in the last round to win the fight.  
Here is the video of the knock out. Enjoy it.

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