Timothy Bradley Shocks The World With A Controversial Split Decision Victory Over Manny Pacquiao

Interesting how Pacquiao already had a shirt made for what would have been his 55th Victory. Now he has to 
wait til November to wear that shirt.

Timothy Bradley shocked the world last night by winning a controversial split decision over Manny Pacquiao to become the new WBO Welterweight Champion. Bradley runs his undefeated record to 29-0, 12KOs. It is the first time that Manny Pacquiao loses since 2005 when he lost to Erik Morales. Manny’s record now is 54-4-2, 38KOs. Two judges scored the fight 115-113 for Bradley while another judge scored it 115-113 for Pacquiao. I had the fight 117-111 for Pacquiao.

Not to take anything away from Timothy Bradley but last night Manny Pacquiao was robbed of his 55th victory. It brought back flashbacks to last November when Manny Pacquiao was awarded a controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez. Many people including myself had Marquez winning their third fight of their classic trilogy.

Throughout the whole fight it look like Bradley was putting pressure and landing some hard body shots on Pacquiao but when Pacquiao landed some power punches, Bradley appeared to be shaken up by those punches. I forget what round it was but there were couple of rounds that it appeared that Pacquiao was going to knock Bradley out. To give Bradley credit, he did fought the fight of his life. Despite straining his right ankle in the early rounds, he was able to hang in there and make the best of a fight. But, it appeared to me and to many viewers watching the fight that Bradley’s determination and will wasn’t going to be enough to win the fight.

Last night’s scorecards not only did it robbed Manny Pacquiao of his 55th career victory (who surprisingly was wearing a shirt promoting his 55th victory) but it demonstrates that the sport of Boxing needs a true revolution. Everything from the way judges are selected, to how fights are made, to the role of the promoters and to start having discussions about eliminating the different types of sanctioning bodies and developing a system where a Commissioner will be in charge of selecting who fights who. No longer must we allow promoters to side step sanctioning bodies and have them make fights simply because it brings them more revenue. Promoters should stick to just promoting their fighters and not arranging who they fight. Sanctioning bodies should strip the belts from champions who are not willing to fight their mandatory fighters. And sanctioning bodies should stop creating all these loopholes for a fighter to get a crack at a championship fight. If a fighter is the mandatory fighter, he should not be allowed to take on several different title eliminator bouts just so that he can prove that he is ready to fight the champion. The sport of Boxing cannot continue to be ruined by the Sulaimans and the Arums of the world. If there is going to be change in the sport, it has to come from the fans and boxing writers.

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