Josesito Lopez pulls the upset of the year with a TKO over Victor Ortiz and ruins Golden Boy Canelo vs Oritz fight for September 15th

Josesito Lopez pulled one of this year’s upset of the year with a technical knock out over Victor Ortiz, as Ortiz decided not to start the 10th round complaining that Lopez had broken his jaw. At the time of the stoppage, Ortiz was winning on all the judges score cards. I had him winning a close fight, 86-85.

The fight between Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez was supposed to be a “tune up” fight for Ortiz. A win or even a draw against Lopez would have set the stage for a blockbuster fight on September 15th against Saul Canelo Alvarez. Standing in between those plans was Lopez who felt disrespected when Golden Boy announced that Canelo was fighting Victor Ortiz two weeks before his scheduled fight. With last night’s huge upset, Josesito Lopez destroyed Golden Boy’s plan to stage a Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Victor Ortiz fight. Now, boxing fans can kiss that fight good bye.

Last night was a reminder that boxing promoters should not jump the gun and start planning fights ahead of boxers who have yet to fight their next opponent.

Josesito Lopez reminding boxing fans that never count the underdog out of the fight. From the opening round until the end of the fight, it was a type of fight that had fans on the edge of their seat. Both fighters went back and forth. I must say that I am very impressed with Josesito Lopez. He clearly came with the intention to shock the world and he did. 

Victor Ortiz should not fight at the Staples Center! He is jinx there! This fight brought me flashbacks to his fight against Maidana, a fight that I attended. It both fights he quit. This time it was legit. If his jaw was broken then why continue. But then again there have been boxers who have continued fighting with their jaws broken.

Rather than talk about more about the fight, I am just going to let those who missed it, enjoy this amazing fight. For those who saw it, feel free to see it again. Let me know what people think after watching the fight.

Josesito Lopez Shocks Victor Ortiz

On the undercard, fans were treated to a great fight between Lucas Matthysse and Humberto Soto. On paper this fight had fight of the year candidate written over it. And it look that way in the beginning rounds with both fighters landing some good blows but Soto’s punches weren’t doing any particular damage to Matthysse. On the other hand, Matthysse’s punches were taking a toll on Soto especially those body shots. I really wanted this fight to go all the way since it was going to be an all out war. Lucas Matthysse had mentioned that he was going to knock out Soto out and he wasn’t going to let the fight go to judges for fear of being robbed again. Well, he kept his word and became the first boxer to knock out Humberto La Zorrita Soto, when he landed a right hook that sent Soto to the canvas.

I have added the video of the whole fight for those who missed it. I suggest folks watch the whole fight since it was a very entertaining fight. If folks want to see the knockout go ahead and watch the 5th round. Enjoy.

Soto vs Matthysse

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