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Rodriguez performing Crucify Your Mind at the El Rey Theatre

September 29, 2012

One of my favorite songs by Sixto Rodriguez.

Pictures of Sixto Rodriguez performance at the El Rey Theatre on September 28, 2012

September 29, 2012


Last night, Sixto Rodriguez performed to a sold out crowd at the El Rey Theatre. It was one of the best concerts I’ve seen in years! His presence was just amazing! Here are pictures of his performance last night. I really wanted him to perform Cause and I’ll Slip Away.

The Endeavor Flying Over Los Angeles

September 25, 2012

The Endeavor Shuttle passing near Homeboy Industries

September 25, 2012

Chinese parents version to tell their quadruplets apart

September 9, 2012


This picture was in yesterdays L.A. Times. I’m pretty sure there are numerous ways to tell these kids apart such as making each child carry a different color binder or backpack. But going to this extreme is kind of cruel on behalf of the parents.
Kids can be mean so one can imagine the jokes and teasing that these kids are receiving from their peers. I hope that is not the case.
Hopefully the parents will allow their kids hair to grow and they will figure an easy way to tell them apart rather than writing numbers on there head.

Long Live, Ho Chi Minh

September 3, 2012

Today is the 43rd death anniversary of Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ho was not only a Vietnamese revolutionary but one of the greatest human beings that ever existed. Ho was a very humble man whose love for the Vietnamese people was admired by revolutionaries throughout the world. His vision for a better world is an inspiration to all of us who continue to work on making this world a better reality for all of humankind. 

I am including these two videos on Ho Chi Minh and I am including one song by Victor Jara who wrote it in solidarity of Uncle Ho and the people of Vietnam.

Check out this Biography of Ho Chi Minh
Long Live Uncle HO!!

Victor Jara–El Derecho de Vivir en Paz

Here are some of my favorite quotes by Ho Chi Minh:

???To reap a return in ten years, plant trees. To reap a return in 100, cultivate the people.???

???You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.???

???It was patriotism, not communism, that inspired me.???

???I follow only one party: the Vietnamese party ???

???Mr. Schoenbrun, we have a secret weapon … don’t smile when I tell you this. Our secret weapon is nationalism. To have nationhood, which is a sign of maturity, is greater than any weapons in the world.???

???We are convinced that the Allied nations which … have acknowledged the principles of self-determination and equality of nations, will not refuse to acknowledge the independence of Vietnam.???

“Love other human beings as you would love yourself.”

“The object of my relationship with Vietnam has been to heal the wounds that exist, particularly among our veterans, and to move forward with a positive relationship.”