Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4 Pre Fight Analysis

Later on tonight, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will meet for the fourth and hopefully the final time at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yesterday, both fighters tipped the scales in good shape as Manny Pacquiao weighed 147 lbs while Juan Manuel Marquez came it at a rock solid 143 lbs. Many observers were shocked to see Marquez in such a great physique. He clearly look like the bigger and stronger of the two even though he was outweigh by 4 pounds.

It appears that Team Pacquiao will use the 4 pound weight advantage to try and knock out Marquez. I don’t see that happening. He may knock down Marquez once again but Marquez won’t be knocked out.

It will be interesting to see if Pacquiao will use his aggressive style and try to pressure Marquez throughout the whole fight. He may have an advantage of trying to make the fight a street fight the same way that Robert Guerrero made it a street brawl against Andre Berto.

I feel that psychologically speaking,Pacquiao doesn’t have an answer to Marquez counter punching. If whatever game plan he was planning on executing doesn’t work on Marquez, I feel we will see a frustrated Manny going back to his old habits and we might see him give a performance that will bring people flashbacks to their third fight.

Manny has to be a smart fighter and use his lateral movements to take away Juan Manuel’s counter punches. If he is able to take that away and have Marquez fight Manny’s fight then there is a chance that the fight doesn’t go the distance.

For Marquez he has to continue doing what he has been doing and that is taking away Pacquiao’s left hand, timing him well and countering with with 2-3 combinations.

Marquez has to take more risks in this fight. If he sees he has Pacquiao hurt he has to take advantage and continue pounding the body then coming back with a straight right hand upstairs. I will not be surprise if Marquez knocks Pacquiao down.

Marquez will no doubt try to knock Pacquiao out but he will try doing it the smart way. He will try to catch Pacquiao with a counter right. I don’t see him going toe to toe because its not in Marquez style and favor to do so.

I see this fight playing out like a great chess match. The boxer who is able to move his pieces the right way, in this case executing their game plan, is the one that will win.

I hope the judges do a great job and won’t be persuaded by outside sources. I see Marquez once again putting on a boxing clinic, frustrating Pacquiao with power combinations and finally getting his much deserve win. I would say Marquez by unanimous decision but since the fight is in Vegas, I’m going with a split decision victory for Juan Manuel Marquez.

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