Marquez brutal knockout over Pacquiao cements his legacy


Juan Manuel Marquez did the unthinkable on Saturday night by knocking out Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a round that he was on the verge of losing, Juan Manuel quickly set up Pacquiao and with one second in round 6, Marquez delivered a perfectly time counter right to Pacquiao’s chin that knock him out cold. It was a vicious punch that had Pacquiao out before he hit the canvas. Manny was out for at least two minutes causing greater concern amongst fans and both teams.

As a Marquez fan, the 3rd round knock down was huge! It was a wide right that sent Pacquiao flying to the ground. At that moment I felt Marquez could’ve pressure him more but he kept his calm and took the round easily.

On the 5th round, it was Pacquiao who knock down Marquez with a quick left to his face. He seem to have Marquez hurt as he open a bad cut on his nose and was trying to knock Juan Manuel out. Marquez like the true Mexican warrior he is kept countering and landing couple solid shots on Pacquiao. It was a great round!

With Marquez brutal knockout over Pacquiao, he not only earns his 55th victory and 40th knockout of his career but also received his much anticipated victory over Manny Pacquiao.

The question in everybody’s mind is will their be a Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Marquez 5 or will Marquez retire. If Marquez decides to go for a 5th fight I would have him persuade Arum to stage the fight in Mexico City possibly Estadio Azteca and get a bigger purse. If Marquez decides to retire, he would be putting an exclamation point on his amazing career.

Marquez was a Mexican living legend before his fight on Saturday night and his knockout win over Pacquiao just cemented his legacy. He is in my opinion the Julio C??sar Chavez of our generation. There will never be another boxer like Marquez, with his amazing counter punches and his ring intelligence. Marquez is the best technician we have in boxing today. Legends like Marquez don’t get replace they must be form.

If Marquez does indeed retire, he would be walking away from the sport as one of the best boxers of all time and one Mexico’s precious jewels. He would be behind Julio C??sar Chavez as one of Mexico’s greatest boxers. As a 39 year old boxer, there is not much that he can prove. He beat Pacquiao and did it in spectacular fashion. He deserves to go out like a true champ and no better way to go than his devastating knockout victory over Manny Pacquiao.

2 Responses to “Marquez brutal knockout over Pacquiao cements his legacy”

  1. pedro Says:

    great photo you and the champ , i assume this was taking few yers back, it doesnt matter the champ

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pedro, this photo was taken in October of this year when I went to Mexico City. I also had the chance to interview him. You can find the transcript of my interview in one of my other blogs. The interview is in Spanish, though.

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