George Lopez at Long Beach Terrace Theatre


On Friday night, I went to see George Lopez in Long Beach with a friend of mine. Since I wasn’t able to take as many pics as I had hoped for, I am including a video from last years’ show when he performed at the Nokia Theatre along with one pic I took at the end of his show.
The show was funny but I found that it had some of the same jokes from last years’ show at the Nokia Theatre.
He did the piece of “almost” and “suppose” as Mexicans two favorite words; “I almost went to Disneyland. I was suppose to go but I didn’t.”
He share the jokes of him stealing from the white house and the look one has when they know they are going to steal something. He also share the joke of him farting when he was on business class and using one of the blankets that they give u when your flying and putting it between his legs and farting so that it won’t sound so loud then when he got up to go to the restroom and came back, he found the guy next to him had the blanket around him covering himself.
Overall, it was a great show. It’s always a pleasure to watch George Lopez. El cabron no tiene pelos en la lengua and that’s why he has the respect of his fans.

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