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Remembering The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

May 31, 2013

Check out this video about The Tulsa Lynching of 1921. This is the painful side of our history that never gets taught in our schools. Never again should we allow human beings go through what our brothers went thru in Tulsa.

Remembering The Chicago Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 Part 1

May 30, 2013

Great video that gives history on the Chicago Memorial Day Massacre.
Here is info taken from Wikipedia regarding the Memorial Day Massacre:

In the book Selected Writings by Dorothy Day (who was present), the events of the protest are summarized thus:

‘On Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, police opened fire on a parade of striking steel workers and their families at the gate of the Republic Steel Company, in South Chicago. Fifty people were shot, of whom 10 later died; 100 others were beaten with clubs.

Remembering The Chicago Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 Part 2

May 30, 2013

Great video. Part 2 of the Chicago Memorial Day Massacre.
“Those who forget the past are destine to relive it.”

Recordando el Cordobazo

May 29, 2013

Aqui esta un buen video que habla de los hechos que pasaron durante el 29 de Mayo del 1969 en Cordoba, Argentina.

AB 5: Homeless Bill of Rights Shut Down By Assemby Appropriations Committee

May 29, 2013

On Friday, May 24, 2013, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee held AB 5 which means that the Homeless Bill of Rights did not pass the Assembly. Had it passed, California would have followed several States who have recently passed Homeless Bill of Rights to protect them from criminalizing individuals for being homeless.

By not passing the bill, it shows that California, a “liberal” State, has continue to neglect its homeless epidemic. Criminalizing people for being homeless is not the way to end homelessness.

Homelessness will end when we start addressing its roots and criminalizing our way from this issue is not the solution. If California would understand that it cost the State more money by continuing to criminalize homeless and poor people rather than by respecting their human rights and providing them with the social services need it for them to get back on their feet.

Homeless Activist will continue to put pressure on our elected officials to make sure that California will follow the path of States like Illinois and Rhode Island who have passed legislation supporting a Homeless Bill of Rights.

Call Your Elected Officials To Pass AB 5: Homeless Bill of Rights

May 22, 2013


For those in California, please call your representatives and have them support AB5. We need this bill to pass so cities will stop criminalizing people for being homeless and respect the Homeless Bill of Rights.

The following information is taken from :

AB 5, The Homeless Bill of Rights is being held in suspense by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. We need Californians everywhere to make their voice heard!

Here are some steps you can take to support AB 5, The Homeless Bill of Rights:

#1 – In support of the California Hunger Action Day on Wednesday May 22nd, AB 5 supporters are being asked to contact members of the Appropriations Committee to reinforce the message that homelessness and the suffering associated with it, like hunger and incarceration, must end.

Every year advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, nutritionists, food bank supporters, and others concerned about the millions of Californians experiencing hunger travel by bus, car, and plane to participate in an important event, the annual California Hunger Action Day happening on Wednesday May 22nd. As a part of their legislative priorities, they will be lobbying for AB 5 as a critical step towards ending hunger. You can join them, too! Be sure to prioritize May 22nd for making your calls but keep the pressure on until May 24th.

Sample script: “Hello, my name is ____________ and I am a resident of _____. I am calling to urge the Assemblymember to vote in support of AB 5, the Homeless Bill of Rights, moving out of suspense.
I believe the savings from ending the criminalization of homelessness greatly outweigh any costs associated with AB 5.”

If you’re in the East Bay:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto, Chair: 916-319-2043,
Bill Quirk: 916-319-2020,

If you’re in Los Angeles:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Raul Bocanegra: 916-319-2039,
Steven Bradford: 916-319-2062,
Ian C. Calderon: 916-319-2057,
Jimmy Gomez: 916-319-2051,
Isadore Hall, III: 916-319-2064,
Chris R. Holden: 916-319-2041,

If you’re in Sacramento:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Susan Talamantes Eggman: 916-319-2013,
Richard Pan: 916-319-2009,

If you’re in San Francisco:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Nora Campos: 916-319-2027,
Shirley N. Weber: 916-319-2079,

#2 –We only have till May 24th to get off of suspense and to the full assembly before the end of this session..
so call every day!!!

Send your Support Letter images/stories/ ab5documents/ AB5SupportLetter_Assembly_. pdf

to Appropriation Committee members images/stories/ ab5documents/ FullAppropAssembly.pdf

Full Assembly roster images/stories/ ab5documents/ Fullassemblylist.pdf


#3 – “Like” & “Share” AB 5 Daily Facts available on WRAP’s facebook. WRAP members need your support in countering the misinformation being shared about what AB 5 will and will not do. Help us by sharing an AB 5 Daily Fact posted everyday on WRAP’s facebook. The daily facts share the hard and simple facts about AB 5 and why California needs to pass this critical piece of legislation NOW and highlights our brilliant campaign artwork.

To post or see past AB 5 Daily Facts, visit our facebook by clicking here!

#4 – Sustain the AB 5 Campaign by making a donation to WRAP. WRAP member organizations are made up of the grassroots movement to end homelessness and the human suffering attached to it. Most of our work is volunteer-based and centers the voices and experiences of homeless and poor people. Your monetary and in-kind donations keep this work moving forward.

For more information on WRAP, AB 5, and to make a donation, please visit the WRAP website by clicking here.


Happy Birthday Yuri Kochiyama!

May 19, 2013

Today is Yuri Kochiyama’s 92nd birthday! I am going to celebrate her birthday by listening to this song that pays tribute to this great human rights activist and revolutionary.

Victor Jara–El Derecho de Vivir en Paz

May 19, 2013

Victor Jara le canta al pueblo de Vietnam y tambien al gran revolucionario, Ho Chi Minh. Esta fue una de las canciones mas conocidas durante el movimiento contra la Guerra de Vietnam. Recuerdo a Ho Chi Minh hoy en su dia de su nacimiento. Y que mejor manera que con esta gran cancion.

Ali Primera–Inolvidable Ho Chi Minh

May 19, 2013

Ali Primera dedicando esta cancion al gran Ho Chi Minh.

Happy Birthday Ho Chi Minh!

May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Ho Chi Minh!

Today is Ho Chi Minh’s birthday! This is my T-shirt honoring this amazing revolutionary.
Long live Ho Chi Minh!