Remembering the 65th anniversary of Nakba Day

Today, Palestinians all over the world commemorated the 65th anniversary of Nakba Day, also known as Catastrophe day. It has been 65 years that we witness ethnic cleansing when more than 780,000 Palestinians were displaced from their motherland.

Israel in the 65 years since the catastrophe has implemented an apartheid system when dealing with the Palestinians. It should come as no surprise to people that United States continues to support Israel’s apartheid system the same way the U.S. supported South Africa in its cruel system.

It’s been 65 years that Israel has engaged in terrorist activities, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid policies. 65 years will not stop the people of Palestine for the right to return to their motherland. 65 years of resistance. 65 years of a struggle that has received support from millions of people around the world. And on this day, I stand with the people of Palestine to commemorate Nakba Day.

Here is a link where people can see pictures of how the people of Gaza remembered today’s Nakba day.


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