Jorge Rafael VIdela, Argentina’s Dictator Dies in Prison at 87

During Argentina’s Dirty War it was Jorge Rafael Videla dictatorship that killed, tortured and disappeared thousands of innocent individuals. Videla’s death today at 87 in prison will bring a celebration to those who experienced his brutal dictatorship and who had families members loss during his regime. His death will be similar to the death of Gen. Augusto Pinochet (PinoShit), where for a lot of Chileans was a joyous celebration. Today is a great day for my fellow Argentinians. Now, I wish all the CIA members involved in the dirty war will follow Videla’s path and die in prison.

Videla was not alone as the CIA supported his military regime. It was also Israel who sold American arms to Argentina during the Cold War. Through this sell, Israel made millions of dollars. I want to see all those U.S. politicians who were involved in the Cold War do life in prison. Let’s see the “Department of Justice,” do its work. Let’s see if the U.S. Attorney General has the courage to go back in history and start opening up cases against all those involve in the Cold War.

Here is a great article from The Guardian to read more about Videla and his dictatorship.


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