Yasiel Puig goes 2-4 in his MLB Debut and his Throw is the talk of MLB



Last night, Yasiel Puig made his long awaited Major League Baseball debut and he made it in style. Yasiel hit a bloop single to center in his first major league at bat. He batted lead off and went 2 for 4 but he made his presence felt on the base paths as well as on the field.

Earlier in the game, I believe it was the 6th or 7th inning, a Padres batter hit it up the right field line that Puig chased it and almost threw the guy out at 2nd base, firing a one hot missile.

But last night, all of us in attendance and those watching on TV, will remember Yasiel’s MLB debut by that amazing throw he had in the Top of the 9th to double up a Padres runner at 1st base. I lost my voice in pure joy! For a lot of people it brought flashbacks of Roberto Clemente. For me, it brought flashbacks of a young Raul Mondesi. But, Yasiel is in a league of his own. This guy has pure RAW talent. It is no surprise that he has been coined the “Cuban Bo Jackson.”

I hope last night’s win can be a momentum changer as the Dodgers need to start turning things around and with the possibility of Hanley Ramirez being in the lineup today, it will be exciting to have him back. Adrian Gonzalez continues to be Mr. Clutch for the Dodgers and Scott Van Slyke is having some good quality at bats. A lineup of Puig, Ellis, Ramirez, AGON, Van Slyke, Ethier, Cruz, Uribe, Pitcher’s Spot, should be enough to put a solid winning streak going. For that to happen, the players need to carry the momentum from last night’s win and carry that energy into tonight and the upcoming games. If the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County next to Disneyland in Anaheim were able to put a solid winning streak, my beloved Dodgers can do the same thing.

I am hoping Puig Mania will translate into the catalyst that the Dodgers need it all season long and will get them back in the hunt of the N.L. West.

On a side note, the last time a Dodgers rookie made his MLB debut by leading off was Jose Offerman, who hit a homerun in his first MLB at bat off of Expos’ Randy Johnson.


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