Dodgers brawl leads to a 5-3 win

Last night was Dodgers beach chair giveaway at Chavez Ravine. It was a great promotion on a night where many fans would have love to sit on there beach chairs and enjoy the brawl that went down last night.

Here is a quick summary of the how it went down. Earlier in the game, Yasiel Puig got hit on the nose by Ian Kenndy. It just gaze his nose but imagine what a 90 plus mph fastball would have done had it hit his nose? After being on the ground for couple of minutes and checking his nose was alright, Puig got up and jogged to first base.

Zack Greinke being the player who plays the old fashion way didn’t wasted no time in protecting Puig as he drilled Dbacks catcher, Miguel Montero in the back.

From a baseball perspective, one would think that things are settle now. You hit one of my teammates, I am going to hit one of yours and we call it even. Apparently, Ian Kennedy wasn’t buying it as he hit Zack Greinke on the left shoulder with a high fastball. You don’t hit a pitcher, that is just the unwritten rules of baseball. Not only that but the fact that Kennedy hit a Dodgers player when almost everyone at Dodger Stadium felt it was already a done deal, was what I think led to the Dodgers brawl.
As for The Brawl I am not going to say anything. The video speaks for itself. I will say that I loved listening to Vin Scully narrate this whole incident.

One thing that I think was lost over this whole brawl, was that after the brawl, a Dbacks pitcher hit Mark Ellis and things could have gotten really ugly but Ellis brushed it off and jogged to 1st base.

I am glad Fed Ex came through with that bases clearing double in the bottom of the 8th, which ended up being the winning runs of the game.

On a night full of emotion and adrenaline, this was a huge win for the Dodgers. I hope the win proves to be a momentum changer as they will try to trim the Dbacks lead to 6 1/2 games when Ryu takes the mound later on tonight.

Here is a video of when Puig was hit.

Here is FedEx 3 run double in the bottom of the 8th

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