Jhonny Gonzalez pulls upset of the year by knocking out Abner Mares

The boxing community is still buzzing over last night’s fight between Abner Mares and Jhonny Gonzalez.

Gonzalez caught Mares with a left hook and Mares never recovered after that huge blow. Jhonny did what any good fighter would do and that is finish him off and he did that.

The crushing 1st round knock out is the leading upset of the year fight candidate in what has been an amazing year for Boxing.

Few people know that Nacho Beristain trained Mares earlier in his career and Jhonny Gonzalez used Abner as a sparring partner when he was getting ready for his Vasquez fight couple years ago. I think that having Beristain in Gonzalez corner and with the the knowledge of his previous sparring sessions, Gonzalez had the edge on Mares. But, no boxing fan saw this coming. Many fans thought the fight was not going to go the distance but no one expected Mares to be on the losing end of this.

This fight also demonstrated that the “triangle theory” in boxing doesn’t work. Jhonny Gonzalez previously held the belt until he lost it in a TKO by Daniel Ponce de Leon. Abner Mares knocked out Ponce de Leon in May to capture the belt. The triangle theory would give Mares the edge given the fact that Ponce de Leon beat Gonzalez and Mares destroyed Ponce. But, fights are won on the ring and not on theories. With that said, Gonzalez shocked the world by destroying Abner Mares.

Jhonny Gonzalez is a class world champion. He quickly went over and gave Mares a hug and gave praised to Mares during his post fight interview. Mares also did a great job by stating that he was in the sport not to protect his undefeated record but to take on the biggest fights of his career. You have to respect a fighter with that mentality.

Mares will bounce back. He still has a great future ahead of him. Will their be an immediate rematch? We don’t know. But, we can be sure that a Gonzalez vs Mares 2 fight will be a fight that the boxing community would want to see.

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