Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse Pre Fight Analysis

Danny Garcia Weigh In

Matthysse weigh in

Garcia vs Matthysse Face Off

This is the fight that is not getting a lot of coverage from the mainstream media but this is the fight that will steal the show from THE ONE.

This fight could have easily been its own headliner but I have to give thanks to Golden Boy Promotions for giving boxing fans a huge treat by having this be on tonight’s big fight.

Lucas Matthysse and Danny Garcia both weighed in at 140lbs but it appeared to me that Danny Garcia looked like he may have struggled to make weight. Matthysse looked calm and relax at the weigh in.

This fight is the classic boxer vs puncher with Garcia being the boxer and Matthysse being the puncher. A lot of people don’t give Garcia credit for his punching ability, the same way that people don’t give Matthysse credit for his boxing ability.

Both Garcia and Matthysse can end a fight with one punch. For Garcia to win, he needs to avoid getting into a toe to toe battle with Matthysse. He needs to just box Matthysse. If he plays it smart and fights from the outside and just boxes Lucas, I can see Garcia retaining his belt. For Matthysse to win, he needs to pressure Danny and throw combinations in bunches. I think Lucas power shots will eventually have a toll on Garcia in the later rounds and if he keeps the pressure could end up stopping him in the 10th round.

This fight will be won by the fighter who sticks to their game plan. Fights of this caliber are won by the fighter who capitalizes on the mistake of the other. Having said that, I have Matthysse handing Garcia his first loss and winning by a knockout between the rounds of 7-10.

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