Mayweather vs Canelo Pre Fight Analysis

Mayweather Weigh In

Canelo Weigh In

Mayweather vs Canelo

Mayweather vs Canelo1

Mayweather vs Canelo Face Off1

Mayweather vs Canelo Face Off

The time has come for the most anticipating boxing fight in years! If yesterday’s weigh in was an indication of how big this fight is going to be, one can be sure that tonight, THE ONE will break the all time PPV record set back in 2007 when Oscar fought Floyd and sold 2.5 million PPV buys.

Canelo looked calm heading into the weigh in and tip the scales at 152 lbs while Floyd came in at 150.5 lbs. During the usual face off between the fighters, Floyd looked like he was trying hard to get some psychological advantage over Canelo but that didn’t work as Canelo looked calm and looked straight into the eyes of Mayweather while Floyd was chewing his gum fast and trying to get a mental edge.

When it came time for both fighters to hold the belt, Floyd was trying to tell Canelo to hold to his share of the belt, but Canelo wanted no part of that. Canelo was focused and I would even say he won the psychological round over Mayweather.

This fight is clearly the most anticipating fight in boxing in years. If boxing fans couldn’t get Mayweather vs Pacquiao, this fight was the most talked about fight in the boxing community. I have to give thanks to Golden Boy Promotions for putting this fight together.

Now everyone knows that Mayweather lives for this type of fight. We can’t say the same thing about Canelo, although he has been able to draw massive crowds to his previous fights but tonight’s fight is a whole new level. This is the Major Leagues of Boxing, the Masters, the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get any bigger than today. And by all accounts, Canelo has been able to take everything in stride and looks focus and well prepared.

Canelo has several advantages such as age, size, strength, and is a natural super welterweight fighter. Mayweather has his experience, defense, speed and his ring intelligence.

Tonight’s fight is basically a chess match with boxing gloves. I feel that Canelo has to try to dictate the pace of the fight from the opening round. Do not let Mayweather control the fight from the first round on. Canelo needs to throw Floyd off his game plan quick by applying pressure to the body. If Canelo is able to control the pace, work the body and land combinations, Floyd may be stepping into unknown territory in that he will have to try to land back into a familiar area which is countering and throwing quick jabs and controlling the fight with his defense and speed.

Canelo possesses the biggest obstacle to Mayweather. If Canelo can’t crack the defense code, then I don’t see anyone beating Floyd in the near future.

Canelo has to fight smart. Keep his calm and let him counter Floyd’s punches. If he plans on beating Floyd, he will do it by keeping his compusure and sticking to his game plan. Do not let his emotions get in the way of the biggest task at hand.

I will not be surprised if Canelo ends up knocking Floyd down in the late rounds but I also don’t see Floyd allowing himself to get caught either.

Floyd is a master technician. His defense is one thing but Floyd also had some power. If Floyd takes the first 5 rounds of the fight then this fight will be a disappointment in that Floyd will cruise with a overwhelming Unanimous Decision.

As a Mexican, my heart is rooting for Canelo but my boxing mind is rooting for Floyd. Canelo to win either has to knock out Floyd, which seems like an impossible task or clearly overwhelm Floyd with body punches and executing his game plan to pull a split decision. As for Floyd, he just has to do what he always does and that is adapt to what his opponent is bringing him.

Part of me wants to see Canelo win so that we can get the rematch during Cinco de Mayo weekend of next year.

I hope the fight lives up to its hype. So in a couple of hours we will see who is THE ONE.

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  1. Joanne Says:

    OT: Watch this Manny Pacquiao video.. That looks so easy, but when you do it, I’m sure you fail hard time haha..!!

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