Danny Garcia out boxes Lucas Matthysse to retain his belts

Danny Garcia silenced many critics this past Saturday night as he out boxed Lucas Matthysse to win a unanimous decision to retain his belts. The judges scored it, 115-111, 114-112 and 114-112. I also had the fight, 114-112.

This was one of the most anticipated fights of the year given that the majority including myself expected Matthysse’s power to be too much for Garcia and was going to win via a knockout. But that didn’t happen. Garcia, stuck to his game plan and boxed beautifully. In my pre fight analysis, I had mentioned that the only way I saw Garcia winning was to boxed Matthysse and not engage in a toe to toe war. Well, he did boxed him for 12 hard rounds but surprisingly Garcia even went to toe to toe with Matthysse in some of the late rounds. 

Garcia’s victory made me respect him even more. The guy has a solid chin. He can take some punches. Garcia is a very nice and humble fighter. Many boxing fans don’t have any issues with Danny, but they can’t stand his father, Angel Garcia, who also trains him. Sometimes I wonder if Angel Garcia puts on that persona to get psychological points and throw the other fighters off their game plan. If that is his logic then he has been doing a great job. But, I don’t see it that way. Angel is one of those guys that likes to talk trash and so far he has been able to back it up.

It will be interesting to see where Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse go from here. Personally, I don’t see anyone in the 140 division giving Garcia any problems. His biggest obstacle was Matthysse. It would be a wise choice if Garcia jumps to the welterweight division. I won’t be surprised if we see Mayweather vs Garcia fight next year during Cinco de Mayo weekend. Part of me wants Marquez to beat Bradley to get his welterweight belt and then fight Garcia next year for his 140lb belt, since the belt that Marquez won was against some unknown opponent. I think it would mean more if Marquez actually wins a 140 belt against a legitimate champion. Imagine a Marquez vs Garcia fight. That would be a great fight!

As for Matthysse, he can bounced back by fighting the winner of the Alvarado vs Provodnikov. As good as a fight that would be, I don’t see that happening given the cold war between Golden Boy and Top Rank Promotion. I can’t think of a Golden Boy fighter that would fight Matthysse given that Amir Khan will be moving up in weight. Unless they make up a belt and Pablo Cesar Cano fights Lucas Matthysse.

For pictures of the fight go to:


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